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Monday, November 8, 2010

I need to stop peeing on things.

But I did again yesterday. And lo, but did a super dark super fast line appeared.

Comparison of 14dpo, 17dpo, and 20dpo:

Super observant people might notice that the one I posted from the other day is not pictured here, so yes...that's five total tests so far. I have one digital and one dollar store cheapie left. I mean, it'd be a waste to NOT pee on them.....right?

Update: Um, well, that's a lie. I have two dollar store cheapies, one digital, a Target cheapie, and two First Response tests. That's six...two a week until my first doctor's appointment on December 1?


  1. You are most definitely pregnant! Obviously, you know that... but i KNOW you got excited when the 20dpo line was as dark as the control! :)

  2. haha, just admit, you are peeing into numerous cups and then getting a drop of pee to put on these things. LOL

    LOVE seeing the darker lines and what the heck ... piddle on the rest of them <3