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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aaaand I'm spotting.

5w2d. Last time it started around 6 weeks - well, when they said I should expect spotting because they could see blood around the cervix but it never happened. Real true spotting began at 8 weeks, and then continued off and on (more on than off towards the end) until he was born.

So now...now I am fifty steps back. I was trying to be so positive. I know mentally you can't jinx a pregnancy, but I'm still asking myself what I did. Was it scheduling the NT ultrasound? Was it feeling a little bit hopeful yesterday? Was it not ending my last couple posts with "Today I am pregnant and today I love my baby."? What did I do wrong here?

I think once you've had a loss, you should get a FREE FRICKING TICKET on the worry-free pregnancy train. Where do I go to get my refund??


  1. Lara, I'm praying for you.

    <3 Mary

  2. T&P's Lara. They are being sent with lots of hugs too!

  3. Lara, I just stumbled upon this site and I'm ridiculously happy for you to be pregnant and I am praying ridiculously hard for you to have your little one healthy and happy and home. Hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.