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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Halloween 2017 :: Rey and BB8

So Halloween 2017? FULLY COMMERCIAL PRE-MADE COSTUMES, YO. The girls wanted to be Rey and BB8, and there were tooooons of commercially available, affordable costume options, so HELLO ONLINE ORDERING IT WAS. It was the first Halloween I haven't frantically been trying to finish at least one costume! What joy!

We've been trick or treating with this group of kids since 2015 and always meet at their house for pictures and pre-gaming.

This house always goes all-out with a freaking ARCADE CLAW MACHINE! The girls loooooove it.

They always try to end quickly enough that they can go back to our house to hand out candy. The trick-or-treating versus handing-out-candy dilemma is REAL.

Emmeline wanted a nice witch on her pumpkin.

Carys picked the scary witch and the magic hat/wands (which she drew and carved herself!).