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Monday, November 22, 2010

Seven Weeks

Welcome to week seven, where baby has (hopefully) progressed to a blueberry and where mom is (kind of) starting to calm down and get excited.  Today, anyway.  Chris and I are talking about when and where to tell our families and I think we've come up with a plan for Christmas.  It was - and still is - a big internal debate whether to tell at Christmas when I'll be two days short of 12 weeks or to wait until after the NT scan, which is scheduled for the 30th.  Initially we were going to tell at Christmas, but when the NT scan was scheduled just five days later, we thought maybe we should just wait our baby had a clean bill of health.  However, right this very moment (as it might change) we're leaning towards telling at Christmas. For one, all the family will be together. Also, if something did go wrong and we needed to deliver, I'd possibly have to have a classical c-section by that time so it'd be kind of a big deal, and the news would spread through the family quickly.  If we waited, there'd be no way to get the entire family together until Easter without arousing suspicion. And if you remember from last time, they're a suspicious bunch. I want to take them completely off guard this time.  And honestly...last time the NT scan came back 100% perfect and we still lost the baby. So a clean bill of health doesn't guarantee anything, obviously.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday slash engagement party, so I carried a glass of wine around with me the whole time and tried to take several conspicuous fake sips.  My mom said my dad is starting to suspect and I think at least one of my aunts is as well. Hopefully faking drinking yesterday and during Thanksgiving will lead them astray until we're ready to share. That makes me sound like an alcoholic, doesn't it? I'm not, I swear. But alcoholics probably say that too.  We're just big holiday wine drinkers! And I'm always first in line. Whoops. Back to the alcoholic statements. Which I'm not. Holiday wine-aholic, at the most.


  1. You should buy a bottle of fake wine and pour it into a bottle of real wine. Then hide your special bottle and that way you can "drink" all night. Man I'm a genius. lol Oh and I think you should tell at Christmas, it will help to have more people know about Optimus Prime. That way when you start to go crazy, you know pgal crazy, you'll be able to talk to people that you're close with.

  2. I agree with Maggie's sage advice. Enjoy it, Lara! The hump is hard to get over, but it does get a little easier.

  3. I can't imagine trying to hide it from my family either, sounds like our family functions!! Fun times!

  4. (EmeraudeCephiro from TTCAL)
    Grape juice looks a lot like wine...just sayin'. Hopefully no one smells your glass, haha.

  5. err, hello. i found you here. can i stay? i don't mind if you'd rather i didn't.

    hoping things are still going well. x