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Monday, November 29, 2010

Queasiness and Subterfuge


I have felt sick pretty much 24/7 the past few days. I haven't actually thrown up since The Deviled Egg Incident (awesome band name) but it's been close.  I don't want to eat anything, but I feel worse when I haven't eaten, so I keep trying to force myself. But then I feel sick from eating. It's a lose-lose situation. Which I am gladly accepting, don't get me wrong.  But it is making me worried about Australia a bit. Flying for 14+ hours with morning sickness? Or rather, all-day sickness? Um, no thanks. I've tried Sea Bands, which seem to take the edge off but don't fix the problem, and I drank a bunch of ginger ale today, which didn't do anything.  I'm going to try to run out to one of the pregnancy boutiques tomorrow and see if they have those Preggie Pops, which I want to boycott because of the name (equally on my shit list: preggers and prego) but which I'm hoping will do SOMETHING to ease the queasiness.


Tried to fake drinking wine at Thanksgiving Leftover day at the mother-in-laws. I was doing pretty good taking fake sips until everyone else was on their second glass and mine hadn't changed. So I started pouring it into my iced tea drink in my laps. That worked perfectly for a bit until the color changed so much you could tell it wasn't iced tea anymore. So I decided to set the iced tea cup on the floor next to my chair. The next time I subtly tried to reach down and pour some wine into the cup, it was loud and sounded like...well, sounded like liquid being poured into liquid. My mother-in-law immediately looked under the table and said, "What are you doing?? Are you spilling your wine on the floor??" I tried to show the iced tea and swirl it around so the ice made clinky noises and said, "No, it's just my iced tea!" but I'm 99.9% sure she didn't buy it. I need to do some damage control. Also, Chris was mad I wasted the wine, but she 100% sure would have figured it out if I hadn't had any, so I needed to at least try.


Wednesday is my first appointment. EEEEK. Also, 8 weeks today!


  1. zofran is your new friend, get it and go on your trip, just make sure to keep the milk of magnesia near by too! Good Luck!

  2. BRU has preggie pops or so I was told. I too boycotted those things. lol Oh I'll take a few pictures from Australia...nothing special just want to sit and stare at them jealously. lol Is it stalkerish that I'm counting down to your appointment?

  3. Ditto on the Zofran. And GL on the appointment! The sickness is such a good sign! I had my official first OB appointment and they set my due date at July 10 (and I heard the heartbeat). I can't wait until you do the same!

  4. Maggie's right! BRU has the pops. I got mine there. That was a close one with MIL! Good luck on Wednesday!!!

  5. I'm so happy for you. I'm a keeping my fingers crossed for a good appointment for you on Wednesday. Keep us all updated!!! :)

  6. By the way, it's Crystal Little. Fellow Bumpie. Didn't want you to think some strange person was following your blog and keeping updated on your progress. Ha.

  7. Hey girl, congrats on your pregnancy. (I was on the Sept. board with you.) BRU does sell the pops. And lastly good luck at your appointment tomorrow!!