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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Belly: Week 28. And a half. More like week 29, really.

Enjoy the fact that I put effort into my outfit but barely brushed my hair today.  Well, I brushed it, I'm not a total heathen, but this is what happens when I don't flatiron it or blow dry it. Hay-like fluff. Gross.

Do I look HUGE? What about if I hold the camera in my other hand? Then do I look HUGE? (Or do I just look like I'm missing a finger?)

Do I look....95th percentile huge??

I ask because this child is pushing 3.5lbs already and measuring in (can you guess?) the 95th percentile. I was a big, but not enormous, 8 pounds. Chris was 6 weeks early and was just under 5 pounds.  It's not like I'm eating TERRIBLY (not the greatest, but definitely not 95th percentile hugeness bad) or have gained 40 pounds already (though I do fully expect to surpass that by the end). Where she is getting this from, I have no idea.

Oh, wait, yes I do. Have an idea, that is.

I failed the one-hour gestational diabetes test.


The doctor mentioned two appointments ago (when she [the baby, not the doctor] was just a petite little thing merely in the 76th percentile) that it's something that was on her radar, but when the baby measured so large this time she said she wouldn't be surprised if I had it.  However, because all the baby's measurements are proportional, it could also just be that she's going to be giant.  Apparently, with GD, it's common that the baby's abdomen measures much larger than the rest of the body - but baby girl is perfectly sized...just, er, very large.

For full disclosure, some doctors' offices have their patients fast for 12 hours or give them a list of "don't eat" foods.  Mine didn't - my only instructions were to have a regular breakfast about an hour before I came in. I had Frosted Mini-Wheats. Obviously those are coated with a delicious sugary crunchy frosting. Whether that made a difference, I'm not sure.  I mentioned it to the doctor and she said it could go either way.   So we'll see.   I'm waiting on them to call me back to schedule the three-hour test.  I know you all are now on the absolute edge of your seat waiting to see how it goes. Never fear, loyal blog reader, I will keep you (that's the singular you, since there's just one of you) updated.


  1. You look so darn cute!

    Fingers crossed for your 3hr test!

  2. you are a super trendy pregnant person! lol Lots of people fail the 1hr & pass the 3hr, good luck! If you do have it, it's best you know and do everything to keep it from causing problems. I don't understand those people who try to 'trick' the test. Either way you have it, obviously you should want to know about it.
    Anyways, congrats & good luck!!

  3. Lara--I "failed" the in office test too. They also didn't have me fast. But I passed the 3 hour one---bring a book...or something. I wouldn't worry about it! You're just goig to have a 13 lb kid!

  4. I failed the 1-hour (with both pregnancies) and passed the 3 hour (with both pregnancies). Let's hope you do the same... but ouch- 95th percentile! I was concerned about my 60%er. My son was 8lbs 2 oz, and that was okay. Hope this one isn't much bigger, though, for either of us.

  5. Bummer about the 1-hour, but there's still plenty of hope for the next round! Also - WOW BIG BABY! I haven't had any measurements of baby since the anatomy scan, but my ute is right on track and I swear I look bigger than you. Will you be sad if you have to skip the teeny newborn size clothes and go straight to 0-3 months?

  6. i'm so happy for you and where you are at with this pregnancy! congrats!!! and you look great!
    PS: Where did you get this super cute blog background??

  7. Grr..I failed the 1 hour one also. I failed with my daughter too but passed the 3 hour one so Im hoping that happens again.
    I ate a cookie before mine...right after I was like oh F#CK!
    Good luck :)

  8. I'm a loyal reader! And I'm rooting for you! Keep us posted :) You look wonderful!

  9. Melissa, if you dig around the Blogger background options, it's one of the ones there.

    Amy, I was counting on a bigGER baby...like in the 8 pound range (we were all around the size) so I only have maybe two NB outfits anyway. I just wasn't counting on a 9.5 or 10lb baby. :)