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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby Squish : 38 Weeks

So I'm having a baby NEXT WEEK.


Also, OMG.




Are we ready? Ish. Ready-ish.

Name: Semi-ready. We have a front runner, but, like with Carys, we won't make the final decision until the powers that be force us to do so at the last minute and threaten us with naming her Nevaeh.  I think the front runner will probably stick, because if you ask Carys what the baby's name is, she answers with this name.

Mentally: Uhhhh...no? I don't know. I know that we're having a baby, but it still hasn't hit in terms of reality and what life will be like (good or bad). I'm trying to prepare, but I don't think there is any preparing that can be done. I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around this. Around all of this. Around having a little baby again and having to deal with two kids and having surgery next week and pretty much no head-wrapping has been done. Around anything. Around any part of this.  How have I been pregnant for nine months and not figured out that this is happening yet?!?!

Physically: YES. READY. Ready to not be pregnant anymore. I've been lucky and it's been so easy, but it's uncomfortable. I will miss so many things about being pregnant (mostly feeling her move - FAVORITE THING EVER) but lighting crotch can go DIAF.  You know that song in "Beauty and the Beast" where Gaston sings that he's "roughly the size of a baaaaaaaaaarge!"?  (What? Don't tell me I'm the only one that knows every song in that movie by heart...) Yeah. That.

Room: In-progress. We hired my cousin to do it. He says he can get it done in the next two weeks, before the new carpet is installed. Um...so did I mention the new carpet is scheduled to be installed either the day I come home from the hospital or the day after? I'm hoping they get a cancellation and can move it up a few days, but if not, I'll be spending the day at my parent's house (maybe even going straight from the hospital to their house) with Carys while Chris "supervises" the installation. At this point I don't even care; I'll just be SO GLAD to be rid of our current carpet, which is so old and dirty they might just need to call in a bio-hazard team to remove it. Apparently I felt it was good enough for Carys to play on but not for the new baby. Favoritism!

Also on the room, we have a crib (not assembled), a rocking chair (painted! but not re-upholstered yet), a dresser and a nightstand (painted!). I cannot wait to get the basics in the room so I can start with the fun parts - decorating and arranging and putting baby clothes in the drawers. Right now, all her clothes are in two plastic bins in our room, as is the changing pad, her diapers, and all of the other necessities. So should she come early, she can live out of our room for a bit (she'll be sleeping there for the first few months anyway).  But all of her clothes and blankets are washed, the diapers are washed, the covers to the car seat and bouncy seat and Boppy and Rock N Play and all those things are washed, and the bottles and pacifiers are boiled and ready to go. I'm sure there's something huge I'm missing or forgetting, but for now all that baby prep is done.

Other: Hospital bag is packed.  Car seat base is installed. Plans for Carys are in place. Camera is charged.

I think this is happening.


Scrolling down, I just noticed I wore the same outfit almost two months ago and four months ago:

23 weeks


  1. Ok, scary, but here's a peek into one reader's brain... "Name: Semi. {hesitation} Semi, like a truck, or Semi like Arsenio Hall's character in Coming to America? Wait. WAIT. I think she means semi - named. Like they semi have a name. Keep reading.... yes, I think that's what she means. That's good... because a girl named after a big rig might be jealous of her sister named after carrots."

  2. ^^HAHA, I enjoyed that thought process!

    YAY! Everything will go perfectly, the most important things will get done, and you-- you will have a perfect, beautiful little child mewling in your arms next week.



  3. LOL kmjba8!!! That made me laugh. Edited to clarify. :)

  4. Good luck this week! Can't wait to hear the baby update and learn her name!