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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Squish : 36 Weeks

Hi, welcome to my blog where all I do is bitch about what I have left to do!

360 view this week. Only because I wanted to mark the occasion of someone telling me I didn't look pregnant from the back. In a skin-tight tee-shirt. At almost nine months pregnant. Bless them.

Today marks 36 weeks pregnant. Four weeks til my due date, three weeks til my scheduled c-section.

I spent this weekend spray-painting the rocking chair and night stand for the baby's room. I think I'm spray-paint deficient because I swear to freaking god that I use more spray paint than anyone, ever, in attempting to get full, even coverage. I KNOW the trick of lots of light layers. It doesn't work for me! I don't know what I do wrong. I've watched videos, I've read blogs...it just doesn't work for me. It took six cans of spray paint to do one rocker, ottoman, and the top of the nightstand. SIX. Have the spray paint companies penned me for a useless fool and somehow give me cans with only half the amount in it?  It just does not work for me until I'm a million layers deep.

Although....okay, to be fair to me, I'm pretty sure that about 2/3 of each can blew away since I was attempting to spray-paint outside in 40-mile-an-hour winds, but I had no choice. It's November! It could snow tomorrow. I have to get this shit done.

This is literally the only time I got dressed this week - to go to the doctor's office. This smile is forced and is saying, "I feel like shit. Get that camera out of my face." (Yes, to myself.)

Any room progress was halted, as I've spent the last week sick as a really sick dog with a nasty viral sinus infection. And when I say nasty, I mean nasty. For four days in a row I had sinus headaches that were so bad I was blacking out whenever I'd move my head, particularly when bending over (and hello, with a 2-year-old you bend over a lot!).  My blood pressure and other stats were always fine, so they weren't concerned about pre-e or anything, but they were concerned when the headaches weren't responding to any medications. So concerned, in fact, that they had me go into L&D and spend the night. They tried huge doses of Tylenol, Tylenol with Codene, Percocet, and finally Percocet paired with Phenergen, with Ambien to help me sleep (spelling on any of those might be way off).  My headache was consistently a 10/10 on the pain scale with peaks of like 12s. Finally with the Percocet/Phenergen/Ambien combo they were able to get it down to a 7/10 or so, and when I woke up in the morning it was down to a 5 or 6 so I was able to go home. It went back and forth between a 5/6 and a 12 over the next couple days and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY started to break on the sixth or so day. Now I'm just battling the normal sinus infection symptoms. Which are irritating enough, but even more so coming off of a week of debilitating headaches. If people with migraines go through this on a regular basis, they have ALL my sorries (sorrys?).  I was so useless and completely in tears for hours and days at a time. And did I mention Chris was out of town for some of it (and still is)? Thank god for family!

So of course, all that drama has pushed the room completion back. ARGH. This is what I freaking get for procrastinating and thinking it'd be quick once I finally got started.  On the plus side, we have a crib! It's currently sitting in a box in the entryway, but it's here!

Also on the plus side, almost all of my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared (KNOCK ON WOOD, KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!). What the hell? Aren't they supposed to get worse? But all the pelvic pain is gone, my pubic bone feels fine, my cervix isn't on fire, I haven't had lighting vag in days. I think this little girl might be trying to give mama a break, which I appreciate. And needed!

I also got all our Christmas presents ordered AND the holiday cards done. We got cute family pictures done in October, and I wanted to use them in some way, but didn't feel like I could send them out for Christmas cards since baby girl will be here by Christmas and it'd feel incomplete to send out cards that didn't include her. So this year, I'm sending out Thanksgiving cards early, and then after she arrives and I get some good newborn pictures of her done I'll send out birth announcements that double as New Year's greetings.

So boo for being sick and lack of room progress, but yay for feeling great pregnancy-wise, getting the furniture spray-painted, and being on top of Christmas things!

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  1. Three weeks, aaaahhhhhh! You'll get the essentials done-- Chris will help you. :) I can't wait to see your new little sweetie!