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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Squish Has Stolen My Ice Cream

So apparently, Squish is trying to ruin my life. Well, not Squish so much, but her (my?) placenta.

Like with Carys, I failed my one-hour gestational diabetes test by just a few points. Having been down that road once before, I wasn't entirely surprised to have failed it. However, I expected it to go similarly as it did last time: pass the three hour, no problem.   I actually felt BETTER this time, so I was sure I'd pass. Last time I felt faint and gross; this time I felt totally fine. Also, last time, Carys was measuring large the entire pregnancy; this time, the baby has been pretty average (I think 56th at the last growth scan?).  I think overall I've been eating healthier, too. I don't follow the BEST diet, by far, but it's not completely terrible.

But this time I didn't pass the three-hour. I failed. I FAILED AT A TEST THAT ALLOWS ME TO EAT ICE CREAM.  I FAILED A TEST THAT TAKES AWAY ALL THE GOODNESS JUST BEFORE HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING. I am not a happy camper. Come Halloween, you'll be able to find me hiding from snack-size Reese's and M&Ms and Snickers under the bed. When Thanksgiving rolls around, I'll be spending the day in Canada, away from all the pumpkin and apple pies and, sob, whipped cream.

Of all the times to discover you have gestational diabetes, just before the holidays has to be the worst.

I had a two-year-old yelling in my ear when the doctor's office called with the results, but the gist of it appears to be that my pre-drink (fasting) blood sugar was fine. After the drink, they test your blood again at the 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour mark. The blood sugar levels were too high the first two draws, but back to fine for the last draw.  It sounded like they were just barely too high, but I didn't get the numbers (see: screaming toddler). It didn't matter, though, failing two of the three blood draws equals a big, fat FAIL.

Now I'm waiting for the diabetes center to call me so I can take a class...or something...again the toddler distracted me with her urgent desire to "talk to doctor on the phone!" (she was very upset I went to the doctor without her that morning, so the fact that I was now TALKING to the doctor without her was just a complete backstab) so I didn't catch it all. Google/friends tell me that I will have to follow a special diet and test my blood sugars multiple times a day.  SO FUCKING AWESOME.


I know this is by far pretty much the least complicated of the myriad of complications you can have in pregnancy (as I well, well know) and tons of people fail and have to do all this, but it still bloody sucks.


  1. So sorry you have to deal with this. Just try to think that you only have three months left and then all the ice cream you want.

  2. I had GD in my pregnancy with my daughter, and it really wasn't "terrible". I basically didn't eat bread and still occasionally indulged in inappropriate snacks/desserts. I tested multiple times per day and I was never really high unless I carb-loaded.

    It was annoying to go to the educational part because it basically felt like, "duh", the entire time. I blame my failure on the family sized back of minieggs I consumed (solo) the night before my test. ha.

    We'll see how I do this go-round.

  3. This is a short term problem, although it is tough to hold off sweets...
    The only thing I would worry about with GD is that it heralds the development of type 2 diabetes later on in life, so really you don't want to go through carbs carelessly for..ever...sorry...