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Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Squish : 32 Weeks

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Um. Hi. Let's just talk about that not only am I in that last line in the countdown, but I'm also two weeks into it. And I won't hit the last week. So....yeah. We're definitely in the final stretch. Going by lunar months, which I prefer since it makes you sound like you're further along than you are, I'm 8 months pregnant (then you spend a month at 9 months pregnant, and theoretically hit ten months at 40 weeks) (SHUT UP IT'S MATH).  In a week and two days, I'll be able to say I'm due NEXT MONTH. In three weeks I'll hit the 35/35 milestone, in five weeks I'll be full term, and eight weeks  I'll be having a kid. Whoa.

(Ugh, I hate my hair in that second pic. WTF.)
Last time I was pregnant, I didn't really start to get uncomfortable until the very end. It started around 35 weeks and I don't think it got bad until 37 or 38 weeks. While the majority of this pregnancy has been equally easy, for the last week or so I've had this intense pain around the pelvic/pubic bone. I don't know if it's the whole "hip bones separating" thing happening early or if it's because she's hanging out so low or what (she's been head-down the last couple appointments) but it's definitely uncomfortable. Some days are worse than others - there were a couple days there I couldn't move very easily from one position to another, but yesterday and today it seems to have improved massively (maybe she's not head down anymore?). 

I feel like all I do anymore is complain about all the things I have left to do, but seriously: I should probably have more done than I do right now. Literally, all I've done is buy a couple winter outfits, get out Carys's newborn and 0-3 clothes, and hang them up. There's also a new ceiling fan up in the "nursery." I kind of have paint colors picked out.  Oh! And I found a dresser on Craigslist. 

I still need to: Sand the nursery, paint the nursery, pull up the carpet in the nursery, have new carpet put in, find a crib, paint the rocking chair (for some dumb reason I want white furniture in this room and the rocker is currently black), re-upholster the rocking chair, paint the nightstand (came with the Craigslist dresser, but is seriously banged up), see if my mother-in-law will make a crib skirt and possible crib sheets, figure out how to actually decorate the walls in the nursery and procure goods to do so, wash all the used clothes and diapers, wash and sanitize all the bottles and pump parts, get the baby gear (bouncer, swing, tub, etc) out of storage and get it all cleaned up and ready to use, sign up for and attend a sibling class for Carys, deep clean the house, and I'd LOVE to get the carpets in the whole house replaced, but I doubt that will happen pre-baby (we had the carpet in the basement and Carys's room replaced before she arrived, so all that's left are the remaining two bedrooms, the living room, hallway, and stairs).  Oh, and before ANY of that happens Chris needs to finish cleaning out the nursery and we need to sell/give away the headboard and dressers that are in there now.  I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting. You know, like narrowing the list of names down from 30 to maybe 5? Forget one final name. I'll take just having less than a dozen on our list.  GAH.  I need a new diaper bag too. And a maid. And a cook. WHINE WHINE WHINE first world problems WHINE WHINE.

(I know we still theoretically have plenty of time with seven or eight weeks left, but with so much to do to prepare for the holidays, it cuts a lot of that time out. And I also know some of that stuff can easily wait until after she arrives, but am I really going to feel like doing any of it with a newborn and a toddler? Doubtful. I'll probably be curled into a ball in a corner for most of the first year....)

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  1. Whoa you are making me dizzy with all those things to do! You are waaay to organized and prepared. I plan on just washing the clothes 0-3 and the diapers, that's about it. Oh, and get the car seat out of storage and clean it. At least that's what I am saying now...