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Monday, June 13, 2011

36 weeks! That's nine months!

I'm nine months pregnant today! HOLY CRAP.  I'll be full term next Monday. In SEVEN DAYS.  After that it's anyone's guess as to when she'll come (though good money is on 7/7, when our c-section is scheduled). However, a number of people (including my mom and a complete stranger at a ball game) have told me there's no way I'll make it the three weeks until the scheduled eviction.  They're all making me believe it too, and if I do end up going the full time I'll be mad at all of them for convincing me otherwise. I just want to meet her! I'm getting antsy! Also, she's all up in my ribs and down in my vagina so there's no comfortable position to be in. Sitting, she scoots up higher into my ribs and tries to break them from the inside out. Standing, her full weight settles on the vag and shoots pain through my lady bits. Laying down, even with a nest of pillows, is a challenge.  So whenever you're ready, kiddo.

I start my weekly doctor appointments on Thursday...then there are two more...and then she's born!*

*Again, if not before then. Fingers crossed and stars wished on and all that.**

**As always: only assuming she's fully cooked and ready to go.

Belly-wise, it's still very large. I still just have the one lone stretch mark, who I've taken to calling Judy. I talk to Judy every day. "Judy, how are you doing down there? Can I get you anything? How about a rubbing of this nice luxurious pure vitamin E?" I don't want her to get lonely and feel the need to invite a bunch of her relatives over to party.  It's a sucky party, guys, you don't want to come!  No booze and you're constantly being drowned in Bio-Oil.  And the host doesn't like you! Might as well stay away.

I did get some actual kind of important stuff done this weekend. According to all the baby books you should get the car seat installed: so I did! Also you should start packing your hospital bag around this time: so I did!  In fact, the Walgreen's bag seen above contains a couple needed things - travel size body wash, deodorant, and a bag of Life Savers.  I also washed a handful of baby clothes, which came close to literally giving me a heart attack, but luckily it remained a figurative threat.  (Why? I have the boxes for everything baby sitting in my garage and a giant envelope full of receipts JUST IN CASE something happens. Taking tags off the clothes to wash them = tempting fate!)  I washed three or four NB size outfits (which, unless she comes in the next week, will prove to have been a stupid decision since they won't fit her) and a handful of 0-3 things. Enough to get me through a couple days at home before I'm able to easily take the stairs to do more laundry, but not enough to jinx anything. I hope.

There's not much other news to report. At some point I'll post pictures from the baby showers and at some point I'll post pictures of the nursery progress (of which there was some! yay!) and at some point I'll post about having a baby.  So stay tuned!

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