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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nursery progress

I am terrible...I didn't take pictures of the nursery "before." And I don't have any great pictures of it NOW, either.  It's pretty basic, though...it's square. It used to have light tan walls. And now it is still square, only with three light gray walls (suuuuuuper light gray - you almost can't tell they're gray unless you hold white up next to them) and one Tiffany Blue wall. I also painted the interior of the closet the same blue.

TIFFANY BLUE IS FOR GIRLS. I don't want to hear it.

Here's a terribly white balanced cell phone picture that doesn't really show anything except the slightest idea of what one corner looks like. 

What do you think? Paint the wood trim white? That's my big debate right now. I'll probably wait until the room is totally done and then decide, since I like to be difficult.

I left her a secret message as we - wait, let me be clear here - as *I* was painting, since I did all the painting while Chris was out of town.

I can't really do anything else in her room right now, because we're waiting on new carpet.  In a big convoluted...thing...we're re-carpeting the basement and the baby's room. Once the basement is done, we'll move the current contents of the computer room to the basement (it's a nice, finished basement with a fireplace and everything - don't think this is some big tragic loss for Chris). Then we'll move the extra bed that is currently in the nursery (and my brother's temporary home) into the computer room and that will become the guest room.  Come summer, when Chris is off work with me and the baby, we'll get the rest of the upstairs carpet replaced. So one lone room upstairs and basement now; the rest of the upstairs in a few months.  And yes, I've been painting around my brother, and he has no closet because it's filled with baby things, and he is storing his clothes in Rubbermaid containers. Not ideal for him either.

Once the carpet is here, though, it's gonna get CUH-RAAZY up in this joint with cribs being assembled (remember our crib?) and a bookshelve being moved in and...um...well, everything else still needs to be purchased. I need go get shelves still. And figure out the wall hangings. And find a glider. And paint our dresser. Yes, our daughter is going to be sleeping in a free crib and her clothes will be stored in a free dresser. What can I say? She's not going to care. Plus if we give her OUR dresser, which is from when Chris was in high school, then WE get a new one! Score!

I was, however, able to focus my nesting instincts into a quick-n-easy DIY project that I'll post about tomorrow. Closet dividers! EXCITING TIMES WITH CHRIS AND LARA.


  1. Love the Tiffany blue in your baby girl's nursery! Great choice.

    I also vote for painting the wood trim white! :)

  2. I absolutely love the Tiffany Blue!! Great choice!!