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Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 Week Appointment

No pictures! The entire appointment was kind of a mess, honestly. It was my first one that wasn't in the morning, and I am all about the morning appointments from now on.  The waiting room was the busiest I've ever seen. My mom went with me, and we had to wait almost 20 minutes to get back (which is about 18 minutes longer than I've ever had to wait before).  Then we sat in the exam room and waited...and waited...and waited. My mom checked the clock and realized that we'd been there almost 40 minutes without being seen - and she had to leave to get to school in five. I peeked out (with the lovely tablecloth pulled tightly around my hips since I was naked from the waist down) and asked if someone could come back just to give us a peek at baby girl before my mom had to leave. I'd feel terrible if she drove 150 blocks (literally) to sit with me in an exam room. Good thing I did, because they were shocked no one had come in yet. Apparently there's a light that they flip on indicating that the patient is ready, but the nurse forgot to flip it, so no one knew we were in there waiting. I wonder how long we would have been there before they realized that they forgot about us. Whoops!

So the tech came in and felt terrible, and because of that she rushed the ultrasound to make sure my mom could see the whole thing. Baby girl is looking good at an estimated 1lb 13 oz and in the 76th percentile for size. Um, giant baby. Once again, yay for my vagina and not having to push out a 10 pound baby, which she's shaping up to be! (Note: this is just to make me feel better about not being able to have my natural birth.)

I talked to the doctor a bit about the c-section process at the hospital. I have this grand vision for a family-centered cesarean (tons of info out there, read this or Google "gentle cesarean" or "family centered cesarean).  I am already pussing out about asking her, though. I have such a fear of judgment from doctors, which I know is crazy, plus I hate being told no.  I started to kind of fish around to see what she'd think of something like that (read: "So I've been reading about different types of c-sections and was wondering what you thought...").  She immediately looked kind of suspicious and so I backtracked a little and ended up just asking about what type of sutures they use and what type of closure (one thing I had read was that a double layer closure holds up better, and I'm happy to hear she prefers those).  I did ask about having the drape lowered so I could see more, and she was down with that, though she warned there might not be much to see. That's okay, though, I just want to see *something* other than a blue wall.

I was, however, disappointed to learn that only one person can be there with you. I was really hoping to have my mom and Chris there together. They offer support in such different ways and each of them compliments each other perfectly when it comes to things like this.  She did mention that sometimes they take the baby to the recovery room to wait for you, and I asked if it'd be possible to have my mom come into the operating room at that point so Chris could leave to stay with the baby. She wasn't sure but was checking on it. I just don't want me OR the baby left alone at any time. The obvious answer would be to just leave the baby in the operating room with us until I was ready to go to recovery, but I'm not sure how that works. They do definitely let the baby come into the recovery room with you, though, assuming all is well - that's nice.  However, more research and more fully formed questions about the options and the whole procedure are needed. And maybe in a few years with our next kid (knock on wood!) the family-centered surgery will be more common and it won't be something I feel like a dirty hippie for asking about. Maybe I'll just print out a few articles and slip them anonymously under her door. Maybe I'll try to find a wood sprite to perform the surgery in a field. Wood sprites are down with shit like that, I'm pretty sure. They're all dirty hippies.


  1. So if the wood sprites don't turn up and help .....here are a few c/s tips; I hope you don't mind me butting in. I found that they tried to force a bunch of medication down my throat (or in the IV). I would talk to your dr each time you see her/him and tell them how important it is for you to see your little girl in the recovery room (i wanted our LO so we could start BF ASAP), and tell every nurse/person you see once you are there your desire. You need to tell this to the anesthesiologist too, they can give you medicine to relax after the c/s, but those also can relax you so much they won't let you have your baby (b/c you could hurt her, i've heard horror stories of mom's droping the baby in recovery). I never took the percocet they offered me, the IBprofin worked pretty good. At about 5 hours I would get a little soar and they were giving me it every 6 hours; the pain was manageable. I, also, turned down the anti-nausea, anti-chills, anti-itchy medicines. I, also, did what everyone recommended and got up as soon as they told me too; push that precious baby in the hospital baby bed down the halls, she will be the best motivation you ever have (plus it is fun for people in the halls to ohh and ahh over your LO). Can't wait to see pictures of her (when she is done cookin').

  2. Thanks Jeanna!! These are great tips. :)

  3. Just googled family centered c/s and several of those things were offered to me without me requesting...so you should definitely talk to your OB about it ahead of time. For example, my arms were not tied down or secured in any way. After the baby was delivered, the nurse anesthetist asked me if I wanted to put the baby to breast. I was pretty floored. I was still on the table being closed, she just lowered my gown and positioned the baby while I could touch him. He didn't really latch on, but it was pretty great that we had that opportunity.

  4. One thing I will say that I regret horribly...and I mean horribly...is that I didn't get a picture with Cailin immediately. Actually it wasn't until she was 3 days old. :(
    I was so doped up I don't think it occurred to me, but I am very upset about it now. they thought to take a picture of Nick with her...but not me. I was the one that carried her for 10 freaking months!!!!!
    So there's my advice to you.
    Oh, and Nick went ahead to the recovery room with her, I didn't feel alone. But that was me. My dr talked to me the whole time. I don't remember if I was strapped down....