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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Er, I'm not. I never win ANYTHING. But I'm giving it a go. You know how we (haha, okay, *I*) decided to cloth diaper? The cloth diaper community loves itself a giveaway. There's a new one every day. I enter all the time. And I never win.


But there's a really great giveaway at KellyWels.com that would be awesome to win. AWESOME I TELL YOU.

It's winning 18 bumGenius 4.0 diapers. Which are really awesome. Not that I've tried it on a poopy butt yet, but every review I've ever seen loves them and I have one and it looks great on the teddy bear I've been using as a baby stand in when seeing how the diapers work. It's also winning a bumGenius diaper sprayer. And it's also winning a bumGenius pail liner. See, I wasn't lying even a little bit when I said it was awesome. It's one of the biggest giveaways I've seen. So if you're interested in entering, you can do so by clicking here. (I don't encourage it because I don't want you to compete with me, but in the interest of sharing and fairness and all that other mommy crap I suppose you can. SIGH. But only if you give me a diaper if you win.)

You'll see if you enter that you get 20 extra entries by blogging. Again, I never do that on any of the giveaways because I never win anyway, so I hate cluttering up REALLY IMPORTANT stuff like BABY PICTURES and POOP TALK with sweepstakes information, but winning this would validate me in ways I've never been validated before. Or something.

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