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Monday, February 14, 2011

Accessorizing Already

The 18 week ultrasound was actually pretty lame-o, which is dumb to complain about since most people only get two scans during their entire pregnancy, and I have that many most months.  We just got a quick peek at the heart and spine, then the tech measured the amniotic fluid levels. The baby was facing my spine, so none of the views were really that great.  However, the tech did manage to capture this:

Do you see it?  No, not the actually pretty creepy entirely visible skull.  Still not there? Let me illustrate.

Is my child already accessorizing in the womb?? A drag queen or maybe prince of some small country if a boy, obviously, or a princess if a girl. Which would suck for me since I'm decidedly non-princess-y. And non-pink-y. And non-glitter-y. Maybe we can bond over the Princess Bride, though...princess for her, sword fights and ROUSes for me. I hope I get to choose the country that they are royalty of...I choose somewhere warm. With a beach. And water. And palm trees. And tropical frozen fruit drinks served by shirtless bronzed gods.

Also evident were feet. Two of them, though we just got a shot of one. If you compare this to the one from a couple weeks ago it's insane how much this child has grown just since then.

Next check is on Wednesday, then again next Thursday for the big anatomy scan. After that we'll let the genitalia out of the bag! Thank god, because I keep accidentally slipping with gendered pronouns and it's now the worst kept secret since [insert celebrity/singer] being gay.


  1. Love it! I thought the accesory looked like a bow, but it totally looks like a crown after it was illustrated. :) Can't wait to find out what you're having!

  2. So glad that the baby is doing well! Cant wait to hear what your going to have. I'm excited for you guys.

  3. So precious! I can't wait to find out if you guys are having a boy or a girl!!!

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