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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Letters to Emmeline : Two and a Half Years

Just publishing this unfinished draft so I don't lose these quotes/memories. :)

- wave to me as you nurse, stroke my face
- "read this book please mommy" - first long sentence

November 2015
Nightmare about something happening to Carys, couldn't go back to sleep until she checked on DeeDee kept trying to wiggle out of my arms to run out of the room

- drawing mommy fish and baby fish, mommy bird/baby bird

March 2016
(in a super high pitched, quiet voice) "Little tiny baby kiss!"

May 2016
I cough a hundred times a day due to allergies: "You okay, mama??" often paired iwth a hug or back pat.


  1. haha haha haha I do realise that these are your personal notes or memory keeping places but reading all these fragments and trying to make sense of them and of your life was very entertaining .

  2. Love the feelings embedded in your unfinished draft.
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