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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Letters to Carrots : Five Years Old

Just publishing this unfinished draft so I don't lose these memories/quotes. :)

February 2015
After learning that she shouldn't call people "fat" a few weeks earlier, we saw a woman in a period costume from the 1700s with the giant underskirts and hip things - "Mom...that lady is really.... [mimes wide hips]....but I can't say it!"

Chris: "You're too big to come into our bed every night. Can yous tay in bed all night?" Carys: "No, I'm not. I'm just four and a half!" Chris: "How old do you have to be before you're too old?" Carys: "Sixteen."

March 2015

- "Mom, tomorrow is wacky wendesday. do you know what i'm going to do? It's so crazy I don't even want to say it." Me: "What?!?" Carys: "WEAR NO UNDERWEAR!"

- After I told her I wish we were rich so I could by everything she wanted: "But if we were Rich, it wouldn't be fair because not everybody would be rich. [pause] I know, we could share our money with everybody if we were rich! Then it would be fair!"

- After I asked her to help me pick up worms from the sidewalk after rain: "Mom, I just don't feel like being a nature girl or a superhero right now, okay? I'm just taking a break from that. I'm just going to be a regular girl for maybe 4 hours because I'm 4 years old. In 4 hours maybe I'll be ready to be a nature girl superhero again.  But right now I just am taking a break. Don't worry about it, it's just a little break to be a regular girl. I'll be a nature girl superhero again. So don't worry about it. I just need a break from saving the day because I save the day all the time so I need a break."

- After I said that the Pirate Festival was coming up: "OH! The blue rose mermaid! I'm so excited to see her! I'm a little excited for the belly dancers and the pirates, but mostly excited for the Blue Rose Mermaid, because I'm just SUCH a huge fan of mermaids." When I laughed and said, "Well, I'm a big fan of you!" you replied, "MOM. You can't be a fan of people. You just LOVE people. You can only be a fan of characters!"

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  1. I'm so happy for you Lara..You and your children are really beautiful and cute..I like this article about letters.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting