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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sitting Room : CURTAINS!

Guys, our sitting room is desperate for some curtains. At night it's like a big flashlight pointing into our house and you can see every detail from the street, which a) isn't safe, obviously, and b) highlights the lack of "done-ness" of the room and c) means I have to keep the room spotless, lest our neighbors think we're the cluttered sort (hint: we're the cluttered sort).

AS USUAL I just have no idea what I want.


Refer to my always-on-point Photoshopped renderings below and help me decide! (Note: these pictures are from a month or so ago when we first finished the sitting room - the buffet/middle space looks more like this now.)


Do I want to pull in the colors of the dining room and the accent wall behind the built-ins with a soft blue-green? 

Do I want to go for a fun pop of color to draw your eyes to those beautiful windows and take the house into less neutral territory? If I go with this one, my plans for the canvas would have to change a bit.

Do I highlight the gray walls and bring a darker tone into the room to match the buffet?

Do I go for the ultimate neutral - a light, bright white - to keep the room open and airy? 


Option one is a little too traditional/boring/safe, I think. Do I think that? Maybe? I don't know?

I WANT desperately to love option two, but...is it too out there? If I went with that option, I'd definitely bring the orange in elsewhere in the room (furniture, etc). Am I too in love with the idea of a fun pop of color and not able to see that it's garish and ugly? IS IT GARISH AND UGLY? Please tell me.

Option three and four seem to be the safe options - not safe as in boring, but safe as in "either would work." I like the way three brings some depth and darkness to the room, and I like the crispness of four (which somehow isn't as boring as number one!)


  1. I like #1 the best... particularly because it sort of mirroras the colour of the wall on the left.

    Are you going to put something over the table? I think it needs something.

    I love this room. Very jealous.

    - Kristel

    1. Kristel, a big canvas will eventually go there! I'm working on painting it. These pics are actually from right after we finished painting - right now it looks like this:


      The canvas will hopefully look like the photoshopped picture in that post!

  2. OK I have to admit I love them all, but I am all about the dark grey (opt 3). I think I am all into greys right now. Truly you cannot go wrong with any of these options, they are all so pretty.

  3. #3 and then adding pops of color elesware around the room. Too much white with #4. #1 is second choice. But I like how the grey grounds the room and warms the room.

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