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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dining Room Rugs

So I'm trying to find a rug for the dining room. Using the "measure the chairs pushed into the table then add a scientific number of inches in order to ensure the chairs stay on the rug while they're being pulled out and pushed in" I came up with a rug size needed of 6'8"x8'3". However, that doesn't seem to be a REAL rug size (WTF RUGMAKERS), so I cleverly rounded that up to 7'x8', which STILL isn't an actual real rug size. I ended up looking at 6'7"x9'6" sized rugs, which seems a very odd number to be a regular rug size, but apparently I'm just a consumer who knows nothing about rugs so I'll defer to the rugmakers. THIS TIME.

I was advised to look for an indoor/outdoor rug because they're durable and can be washed with a hose pretty easily. And I have two small kids. So those are absolute musts. 

I looked at a few different sites and kept finding rugs that were beautiful but way out of our price range. Someone pointed me to Overstock.com and BINGO! Good selection at a price that we can actually afford (kind of) - well under $200. I tried to pick out a few that I liked from a wide variety of styles (modern, classic, contemporary, traditional, plain, etc.) to look at because I had no idea what I wanted or what would look good in the room.


I then hastily photoshopped them into a picture of the dining room. The problem is this: I can't get a good picture of the color of the dining room. It photographs more green/blue than it is. It's a bit more subtle in person. So while my beloved peacock rug idea looks like it clashes terribly in this picture, but in real life, it would only MOSTLY clash, not completely clash. Anyway, I hoped that this would help me narrow down the type of rug - if not THE rug - that I wanted.


After looking at the mock-ups, I think I've decided to go with the first rug exactly as it is - a natural jute/sisal-type rug with a subtle pattern. I think it will pull in the oak from the kitchen cabinets and provide a bit of continuity with the oak color since it's nowhere else in the house.

 I love the second style with the floral medallions, too, but I think it might make decorating the room too hard (keeping in mind that it has to match the sitting room, too, since they are open to each other),..especially for someone with no idea what they are doing like me. The peacock rug clashes, although I really like that style, I think. Possibly worth looking for something like that in a different color? The the fourth rug is too plain, so I want something with a little more interest than that. And the last one I think is very...well, either very last year or very current and will soon be dated. Although I like it, too. Am I wrong and it's a classic look? Or is it heading out of style?

Remember, I'm at Decorating Skill Level Zero so I know nothing. Don't be shy about telling me my instinct to go with the first one as-is is terrible.

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  1. I like the last one. I don't know about it getting dated soon, I am also not au courant with the newest design ideas. I like the peacock one second best, and do not see it clashing from the images you have taken.

    It is so cool that you can photoshop like that, I love it. What a clever idea.
    Generally if I like a pattern I just get it, who cares about fashion