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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Like Whoa.

I love this age (minus the insane clinginess [is that not a word, spellcheck??]...but we'll just enjoy that while we can since before long she won't want anything to do with her MOM, yuck).

It's full of giggles and wonder and chubby fists and new milestones and personality (sadly, thanks to the teeth, it is not full of sleeping through the night). Chris asked me yesterday if we could just freeze time and all of us remain these ages forever, and I think I'd be tempted to follow through if I could Harry Potter that shit and make it happen.

People keep telling me "just wait" as in "just wait until she hits the terrible twos," but what's the point in that? I'd rather savor these moments than dread the next ones.

Except her first date. And the first time she goes out in a belly shirt. And when she learns to drive.  I'm dreading those. But other than that.

Pause. Savor. Enjoy. Pause. Repeat.

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