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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You know that feeling you sometimes get when you look at your child? That swelling, full feeling in your chest? Those bubbles of...well...as cheesy as it is to say it, LOVE that damn near fills your heart to bursting? It's an actual physical ache, but an ache in a good way. A joyous, impossible way.

Does that feeling ever go away??? Does my mom still feel that when looking at her children, 30 years later? Does my mom's mom feel that when looking at her, 60 years later? Do the moments you feel that get further and further apart?

I close my eyes and savor it, but I hope it never stops.


  1. I hope not too... I highly doubt it though ;-)

  2. Agree, I hope they never ever leave!

  3. I catch my Mom looking at me still like I look at my boys. My money is on not. :)