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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three to Six Month Baby Gear Guide

Updated 4.13.12.

What are we still using religiously from the Newborn Gear Guide at six months of age?
Rainforest Jumper (more below)
Portable night light
Sleep Sheep
Swing (ish)
Chicco Car Seat
Car seat cover
Snap N Go stroller frame
Diaper bags
Cloth diapers
Beco Gemini baby carrier
Sophie the Giraffe (more below)
Sprout towel
Breast pump
Nursing camis/tanks/bras
Graco Blossom high chair (more below)

Have a six-month-old in your life?  I do. And while I can't tell you what your six-month-old might like, I can tell you what ours does! 

1. Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo
Age used: from 3 to 8-9 Months

The child loves this. It's probably one of her number one must-haves, I'd say. She loves it with every little bouncy fiber of her being! Note: one thing I didn't realize is that the balls of their feet ONLY should be touching the ground; they should not be flat-footed. I don't think that matters quite as much when you're using it early with a cushion, but once the balls of their feet can touch the ground remove the cushion.

8 month update: Still in love!
9 month update: I've mostly stopped using this, as she doesn't like to be contained. But my husband and our sitter still use it sometimes.
(Almost) 12 month update: Done and over with.

2. Sophie the Giraffe
Age used: 3 to 8-9 months
She didn't get into Sophie until about three months, but once she did, it was a pure love/love relationship. Even at three months, she could easily grasp it and maneuver it into her mouth to suck and chew on.  Plus, it's adorable. On the downside, it is pricey (but you can get it from Amazon way cheaper than Babies R Us or anywhere else!). As a six-month-old, it's still her favorite toy. I would definitely buy it again.

8 month update: Still likes it!

9 month update: Mostly over it.
(Almost) 12 month update: She never wants to play with HER Sophie, but if a baby friend has theirs out she always grabs it. Weirdo.

3. Chew Toys
Age used: 3 to 9+ months
I know they call them teething toys, but let's call it like it is...they're chew toys. Baby chew toys. Chew toys for babies. We have a lot. She likes to chew. I don't know which one I would recommend above others, but we have and she loves all of the below:

Banana (Pictured. Also a training toothbrush! Warning if you have cats or dogs: this picks up every. little. goddamn. hair. in the house. I am constantly rinsing it off, but she loves it, so it's worth it.)
Life Factory rings (See hair warning above, though to a slightly lesser extent.)
Massaging teether (If it was for any other baby I'd make a 'baby's first vibrator' joke here but since it's for my baby that's disgusting and you're a pervert.)

8 month update: She's starting to prefer things that make noise, but she still likes to chew on these teethers. We've lost two bananas. I don't know how.
9 month update: She'll still go for these on occassion. We've lost the raspberry and another banana. WTF?
(Almost)12 month update: She mostly doesn't love teethers anymore but now that she has teeth we use the banana as a toothbrush.
2 Year Update: Using the banana brush as a toothbrush every night!

KID #2 UPDATE: Lost a few of these, so decided to try a couple new ones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Chewbeads one (as does she). I also really love this Comotomo one

4. Toes for Eyes Toy Holder (now called PaciPlay)
Age used: 3 to 9+ months
We have this toy/pacifier holder and I swear she likes chewing on it more than some of her teething rings. It's rubber, rather than fabric like a lot of the ones I've seen, so it's much easier to keep clean. She loves it. And I love how bright it is, and non-baby-ish. And the clip is lead free, and the whole thing is BPA, phthalate, etc. free too! The only downside is that the "holder" part isn't adjustable, but it's worked on all of the teethers, Sophie, sippie cup handles, and pacifiers I've tried it on.  Also, it has the creepiest name of any baby gear item ever.

8 month update: Use this constantly. One of them broke; no response from company. Boo.
9 month update: Still use the remaining one all the time.

5. Kiddy Stroller
We did not pay even close to full price for this stroller. We got it on Woot.com. (Please tell me you know Woot?!)  This thing is NOT compact and NOT light - though it's more compact and lighter than, say, the stroller that comes with the Chicco travel system.  But it works well for the price and I'm satisfied.  I really like that the seat can be turned either way, and it's got a nice adjustable handle so I am very comfortable using it (I'm pretty tall). We'll see how that is next summer when it's actually used more often.

8 month update: It's heavy and bulky, but I love that it can be turned to face out or in. I would love a larger sun visor, but that's minor.

9 month update: Biggest change of all. I sold this and got a Britax B-Agile stroller. It was just too heavy to use all the time. But it had a lot of features I REALLY miss on the Britax - the child sits higher, they can face forward or back, EVERYTHING is adjustable (especially love the adjustable handlebar!!!), and the shocks - so nice and smooth. And huge understorage basket. And it had parent cupholders and a little container built in, which was super handy.  Gosh, the more I write about it, the more I miss it. Really, it was the perfect stroller except for the size and weight. If I usually used it with my husband, I probably would have kept it, but it was usually just me and the baby, so I needed something easier to tote around.

5. Britax B-Agile Stroller
Age used: 9+ months (but could have started using earlier)
Ok. So I ended up selling the other stroller and getting this one. I loved a lot of things about it (see above) but it was just too heavy and too big. I did a lot of research between the Britax B-Agile and the City Mini Jogger, and based on a few different reviews I went with this one. I can't remember exactly what the reviews said that tipped me towards the Britax, but one thing was this has mesh windows in the canopy rather than vinyl, which I love for airflow and for visibility (much easier to see through and no glare!).  This stroller is VERY maneuverable - almost TOO maneuverable. It's extremely responsive and that took some getting used to.  The handle is a bit short - but seems to be average height for strollers. I think I was just used to the higher handle on the Kiddy. I'm used to it now and it's fine. I love the huge huge huge canopy.  It has a decent sized underbasket for storage. It does not come with a child tray or cup holders, but you can get those separately (kind of a pain when you're spending so much on a stroller!). I do highly recommend both (she likes sitting forward and holding the tray or putting her feet up on it). It reclines fairly flat (not totally).  The limited colors are kind of a drag - gray or black or red - but I really liked the red one so that was okay for me. People who use it (my mom, friends) really like it.  The best part, though, and the part that sold me, is that it's super light (maybe about as heavy as her infant seat with no baby?) and it's one-touch fold and unfold. That is SO convenient. I can do it with her in my other arm!

(Almost) 12 month update: Still using!
2 Year Update: Still using, still love, SO highly recommended!

6. Graco Blossom High Chair
Age used: 3 to 9+ months
I love this high chair. I love that it wheels around easily, I love the height adjustments, I love how easy it is to clean (I've seen reviews saying it's not, but we haven't had any issues, even with our very mess baby-led solid mealtimes. I toss everything - even the parts that say 'wipe down only' in the washer on cold/delicate and air dry and it's been just fine).  I love the fact that it can be used in so many ways, and even for two kids at once. Since we're planning on having the second in about a year (or at least trying for the second in a year) that will come in handy. The tray is actually three trays in one - a top cover that comes off and pops in the dishwasher, the main tray, and then hidden under that a smaller, more space-saving tray.  And the chair itself - I can't tell you all the variety of ways it can be used. Regular high chair (as pictured). Space saver high chair strapped into a regular chair (pack away the base). Toddler booster. Child chair. Multiple incline positions. It's just an awesome high chair all around and I really love it. Oh, and P.S. I also love that it's more subtle colors and matches your decor more than most.  It's actually very pretty in person. 

8 month update: Still in love!
9 month update: Using daily and still love.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still using and loving.
2 Year Update: Still using - have put the main high chair part away but are still using the booster seat.

7. Boon Bendable Spoon and Fork Set
Age used: 6 to 12+ months

We are following an eating philosophy called "baby-led solids," in which you delay solids until about six months (or until they meet several readiness markers) and skip cereals and purees and go right to finger foods. I know it sounds crazy, but after doing a lot of research and reading on the topic, it feels like the right way to go for us.  While she gets most foods as finger foods, there are a few that aren't safe or easy to give her that way, so those get mashed/pureed. However, in the spirit of baby-led solids (where they feed themselves), rather than feeding it TO her, I put a bit on the spoon or fork and then give it to her. She then uses the spoon to feed herself. Yes, she sucks on it and chews on it, but she's still getting the idea that you eat off utensils, which is great! 

8 month update: Still in love!
9 month update: Using all the time, still love! She's super proficient at feeding herself with a spoon now.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still using and loving.

8. Mesh Feeder
Age used: 4 months (with ice/frozen breastmilk) to 9+ months
These are amazing for teething (we don't use it for feeding, though I'm sure she does get juices and such when she chews on it). Put in a chunk of frozen food - grapes, apple, even breastmilk or applesauce - and let the baby gnaw away. The rough texture of the mesh combined with the frozen food must feel like heaven on their sore gums, or so I believe Carys was trying to tell me when I took it away from her and she throws a fit.  Note: they are a total bear to clean. This is the brand I have, but I've heard these ones are much easier to clean, so if I didn't already have the Munchkin brand, I'd get those instead.  I use banana in ours also, but warning: it takes a lot of soaking and scrubbing to get the banana out.  It's imperative to at least get them soaking immediately when you use banana, otherwise they turn brown.

8 month update: Still great for teething. New favorite: fill with frozen baby yogurt.
9 month update: The dog got one. :(  And I keep forgetting to use the other one. But just for this review I got it out and put an ice cube in it and she loved it. It probably felt amazing on her poor swollen gums.
(Almost) 12 month update: I keep forgetting about these!! I need to remember to get it out to help with teething more often.

KID #2 UPDATE: I got silicone ones on one of those daily deal sites that I started using with the bigger kid right around a year. She loves them, and even still (at 2.5) will ask to put frozen mango or pineapple or grapes in them. They're smaller so they don't fit as much food, but they are MUCH easier to clean.  (I have both the small size and the large size.)  If you can't find them on a deal site and don't want full price, here's a similar silicone set that's cheaper with some good reviews!

9. Pocket and Smock (Sleeved) bib
Age used: 6 months to 12+ months

Pocket bibs: If you have a child and they eat something that isn't coming out of a nipple, whether plastic or human, you need these bibs. For the Baby Bjorn ones pictured above, the plastic washes clean and is dishwasher safe, and the pocket at the bottom catches everything. Clean up after even the messiest feeding session only takes a few minutes since these manage to contain 90% of the mess.  She also likes chewing on the neck, which is fine since they are free of BPA, phthalate, and other bad stuff. (I recommend two, but if you just want one: single bib listing.)  We had a two-year-old visit, and she used it - it still fit, and she thought they were pretty cool. UPDATE: I actually found that I prefer the slightly softer/more flexible version that Tomee Tipee makes.  I love being able to roll it up and throw it in my purse or diaper bag! However, I still have and use the Baby Bjorn ones too.

Smock bibs: I added a couple of these to the rotation and use these all the time. One we use is by Smitten Baby and is out of production, but still might show up on a site like BabySteals sometime - maybe check Ebay? We also love the long sleeved bibs from iPlay*. These smock-type bibs are GREAT. They cover every exposed body part. She even wore one to eat at my sister's wedding and didn't get a single crumb on her fancy dress. A couple cheaper options are on Amazon here and here.  Ikea has some sleeved options too.  (Note: I have used the Bummis and didn't LOVE it because the pocket doesn't open wide, but the sleeves did the job of keeping her clean. I haven't tried the Kushies or Ikea versions).  These are also GREAT for art time - let them go crazy with paint and clean up is a breeze.

*If the iPlay website doesn't have the long-sleeved ones listed, it doesn't mean they are out of stock! Try calling the store to order the bib (color options at the time of this update are shown below):

8 month update: Still love the Baby Bjorn and sleeved bibs!
9 month update: She's starting to get opinionated about what goes on her, and she isn't a fan of ANY bibs, but she particularly fights the stiff BabyBjorn one - I think it's just a bit too wide for her right now.  She's fine with the sleeved ones though!  I think once she gets just a tad bigger the BabyBjorn ones will be great again (they are SO much easier to clean than any other bib!) 
(Almost) 12 month update: She accepts the BabyBjorn ones again, and we added the Tommee Tippee, which she also loves. We still love the Smitten Baby and iPlay smock as well for messier meals (not to mention art time!). 

10. Nuby Sippy Cups
Age used: 6 months to 12+ months
We tried a lot of sippy cups, and these are by far our favorites. The spout is huge and soft and so easy for her to use. I tried other brands, and *I* could barely get water out of them. She also likes teething on the spout and chewing it, and I love the bright colors. I know some people have had leaks, but I literally played catch with one full of water and had not even a drop spill.  There's a four-month and a six-month version; we have both but I don't see a difference in them other than the shape of the cup part - the spout seems to be the same.

8 month update: She uses it every day. 
9 month update: Favorite sippy cup ever.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still her favorite sippy.

11. Disposable placemats
Age used: 6+ months
We use these whenever we go out to eat or are eating at anyone's house that doesn't have a high chair.  They make clean up fast and easy, and we've had numerous waitstaff tell us how they inwardly cringed when they saw a baby, but between these and the bibs with the crumb catchers, there was very little mess for them. I try to only leave as much mess as a reasonably messy adult might make, and it's not hard to do when you're prepared.

8 month update: We use these whenever eating out. 
9 month update: Still use when eating out!
(Almost) 12 month update: Still used regularly.

12. Travel chair
Age used: 6 months+
We found that this hook-on chair works with nearly every table on which we've tried it, with the exception of one that had a lip around the edge that too was long for the chair to fit over (most tables we've encountered have shorter lips that the hooks can still slip over, despite the fact that the instructions say it won't work).  It comes apart to be completely machine washable and has a built-in bag that you can use to carry it. It's very sturdy and seems comfortable (she loves kicking her legs and bouncing). I keep it in the car all the time, and use it when we're eating with family or at the occasional restaurant that doesn't have high chairs available.  We also considered this booster-type seat, which is cheaper and also has excellent ratings.  I think either would be an excellent option. 

8 month update: We use this chair all the time. 
9 month update: Still use when eating outside of our house!
(Almost) 12 month update: Still used regularly.
2 Year Update: She sits in a regular chair most often, but when needed, we definitely still pull this out.

13. Books
Age used: Pregnancy through 24+ months
The kid loves to be read to and loves to look at pictures. Yes, she also tries to eat them. But it's never to early to foster a love of literature in kids. Listening to you read is a great introduction to language and sounds (as well as practice sitting still!). There are tons of books we love, but a few we particularly like are any Sandra Boynton (Barnyard Dance, Night Night Little Pookie, The Going to Bed Book, Snuggle Puppy, and more), Dr. Suess's ABC, any Eric Carle (Very Hungry Caterpillar, Very Busy Spider, Brown Bear Brown Bear), Color Zoo, Goodnight Moon (of course), any of the Sarah Gillingham "In My..." books, All Kinds of Kisses, Chica Chica Boom Boom (my fave) gosh, Dear Zoo, I could literally go on and one. That doesn't even include probably 75% of the books we have!   

I also like to read her these and sob hot emotional somuchlove tears all over her: Guess How Much I Love You, On the Night You Were Born, You are My I Love You, and the Night Night Little Pookie book listed above.  

Just kidding. I don't do that anymore. Much.

HINT: Buy used from Amazon. They're usually in good condition (look for "very good") and they're great about giving a refund/credit if they aren't in the expected condition. 

8 month update: She still loves all these books, but has also gotten into the Usborne Touchy-Feely books quite a bit.
9 month update: SHE LOVES TO READ. New favorite: Flaptastic books.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still loving every single one of these books.

14. Ring Links
Age used: 3 to 9+ months
We went fancy and got these corn-based ones that were free of all the chemicals, but you can get 100 times as many for half the price by getting this set (which we also have and love).  These are great for attaching toys to things, but also just for chewing on and linking together and banging. Oh, how she loves to clatter these around. 

8 month update: Still loves to throw them around, still useful to hang onto toys.
9 month update: She likes to shake these to make noise, and I use them to hook things onto her stroller.
(Almost) 12 month update: Mostly use them to attach things to stroller.

15. iPhone
I kid, I kid (iKid?). But seriously, she loves mine. She tries to eat it constantly. I wish they made rubber iPhones. There are plastic phones and plastic cases, but they don't quite cut it.  She also loves keyboards, laptops, and remote controls.  We're doing the "no screen time before two" thing as much as possible, so she doesn't really get to play with it too much, but she still goes for it whenever she sees it.  Scary: she knows how to hold it and use her thumbs to touch the screen, though she doesn't actually get how to unlock it or DO anything with it.  She doesn't actually play games or watch anything on it - she just wants to hold it! 

8 month update: A surefire way to get her to crawl.
9 month update: Still her favorite.
(Almost) 12 month update: Yep. Still a fave.

16. Crinkle Blocks
Age used: About 3 to 8 months
One of her favorite toys. She loves to grab and crinkle (and of course chew) on these.

8 month update: I keep forgetting to keep these out. But when I do she still likes them.
9 month update: She's over these for the most part - but she's over most store-bought toys.
(Almost) 12 month update: We packed away half her toys to start the "rotating in and out" cycle and these are packed away, so not sure. They'll be coming out again soon; we'll see what she thinks!

17. Stroller Toys
Age used: About 3 months to 9+ months

Funny story: We had about six of these from baby shower gifts. Before she was born, I took all but one back. "Who needs six of essentially the same toy?" asked this naive first-time mom.  Haha, silly mommy. You're an idiot!  We have one on the car seat. One in the living room. One in the nursery. One in our bedroom. Yes, we could just carry one around, but she likes the variety (seriously: she gets bored with the same one over and over; we tried!).  We have and love the following - if I had to pick two I'd probably do the owl and the monkey (it's a lot - we had generous relatives at Christmas!):

Lamaze Olivia the Owl (SO CUTE, pictured above) (NOTE: discontinued, sad face! Maybe try the peacock instead?)
Manhattan Baby Monkey (FAVE!)
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose
Eric Carle Frog
Lamaze Stacking ball (not really in the exact same category but not different enough to get it's own list...sorry, ball!)
Bright Starts Bunch-o-Fun Elephant

We have a friend who has this giraffe one and reports that her baby loves it (YOU'RE WELCOME LEAH*), and Carys certainly loved it during their playdate. More so than the baby!

*We gave it to her as a shower gift. Maybe we should have kept it!

8 month update: She still plays with these all the time. I rotate them in and out so she doesn't get bored with any of them.
9 month update: Getting less interested, but still loves and still good distraction, especially in the car.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still keeps her occupied in the stroller and car, but she doesn't reach for them daily anymore.

18. B Zany Zoo Activity Cube
Age used: About 4 months to 12+ months

This is the cutest thing ever. She's still a bit young for it, but loves to sit in my lap and move the beads around (albeit clumsily) and spin the blocks (again, albeit clumsily). We had a visiting three-year-old who loved it, so I anticipate it being a hit for a long time to come. It is pricey, but it's very high quality and, best yet, uses no batteries!

8 month update: BEST PURCHASE EVER. 
9 month update: Still BEST PURCHASE EVER. Of every single toy, this is hands-down the best.
(Almost) 12 month update: Still love this. So highly recommended!
2 Year Update: Not used QUITE as much, but still often used!

19. B Zany Soft Blocks
Age used: 4 months to 12+ months
Another toy that she loves to chew on and grab. I anticipate this will also last a while, because they're easy and fun to stack. The illustrations on the blocks are also absolutely adorable!

8 month update: Still really likes these.
9 month update: Still loves these!
(Almost) 12 month update: Still great fun!

20. Oball and friends
Age used: 2 to 9+ months
It's a ball. With Os on it.  I don't know why babies love it. But they do. We actually now have three thanks to gifts - the regular, the rattle, and the football. Chris loves the football. We literally spent half an hour the other day zipping it back and forth between the two of us. You can actually throw it in a spiral.  But back to the baby. She loves them too. Probably because they're so tactile and easy to hold?  P.S. They are cheaper at Target than on Amazon.

8 month update: Still really likes these.
9 month update: Still likes these, but not quite as much. I anticipate a resurgence in popularity when she learns to roll/throw.
(Almost)12 month update: The throwing and rolling has commenced, and as anticipated, she loves these again.

21. Munchkin Caterpillar Stacking Cups
Age used: 5 to 24+ months
She discovered these at about 8 months old (we'd had them for a while before that) and now it's her favorite thing ever. She can stack them and loves putting them inside each other, as well as putting other things inside the cups. And it's cheap!

9 month update: Still a huge hit. 
(Almost) 12 month update: Still loves these!

22. Breathable Bumper
Age used: 6 to 24+ months

The time she started sleeping in her crib was about the same time that she started really scooting all over the place while at the same time escaping the swaddle. That meant the occasional limb would get stuck in between crib bars, which meant a baby that was woken earlier than they should have been.  And that is NEVER a good thing. These stop that and aren't a SIDS risk. Double bonus!

UPDATE: I believe the recommendation now is not even breathable bumpers, but check with your pediatrician. 

8 month update: Probably could do without, but still glad we have them.
9 month update: Same.
(Almost) 12 month update: Same!

23. A Real Towel
Age used: 3 to 24+ months
I realize this looks like just another hooded baby towel, and okay, you're right, you caught me. However, it's a nice one. A (way too) expensive one. However, it's huge and thick. What I learned too late was that those three or four packs of baby towels? Like this one?  They are cute. But they don't keep the baby warm. And once the baby weighs more than a loaf of bread, they hardly cover the baby. That generally equals a baby who starts to cry once they are out of the bathtub. If you don't want a crying baby, use a real adult towel, or splurge on something nice and thick and big like this Sprout one (which I got for 50% off on sale, yay!) (also it's really seriously cute).  UPDATE: I also SERIOUSLY love the Carter's brand towels. This shark one is a huge favorite. 

8 month update: Still my favorite bath thing.
9 month update: Still love using real towels!
(Almost) 12 month update: Got another one on sale - the walrus. Love them.

24. Raffi Station on Pandora
Age used: Who cares? It's free!
Babies love these songs. You'll love these songs but never admit it. Until one day your husband comes in to find you belting "Baby Beluga" at the top of your lungs. 

8 month update: I know every song by heart. 
9 month update: Still love listening to this!
(Almost) 12 month update: She LOVES this and has started dancing to the music.

25. Leap Frog Learn & Groove Activity Table
Age used: 6 to 12+ months
A lot of BTDT (been there, done that) moms swear by this and say it's a must-have, so we got it. And...they are right! We got it cheap from an Amazon flash sale, but they are on Craigslist a lot, so watch there too! She has a ton of fun with this! At six months, I took two of the legs off so it would rest on the ground and she could play with it while sitting. Not my idea - stolen from a mom group! But it's brilliant! It definitely keeps her entertained - her favorite is flipping the "book" page. 

8 month update: She loves the darn thing. So much for my "no batteries" toy hopes. 
9 month update: Still loves it!
(Almost) 12 month update: There was a brief period of time when she ignored this, but she's started playing with it again.

26. Playskool Weebles Playset
Age used: 6 to 24+ months
Another Amazon flash sale deal (less than $10!), and another item that BTDT moms swear by. Batteries and music AGAIN. But at least this one doesn't require them. Plus she needs this just so I can teach her the "Weeble wobble but they don't fall down!" song.  At around 6 months, she noticed it and started to play with it a bit (mostly watching in fascination as I worked it) and will make her way to it to play.

8 month update: She loves it. 
9 month update: Still loves it! She can now operate it on her own and loves setting the Weebles inside.
(Almost) 12 month update: She still goes for this toy constantly. Huge hit. 

27. Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat
Age used: 6 to 24+ months

We went with the Britax Boulevard 70 for our "nice" seat that lives in my car (where she is 90% of the time) and an Evenflo Triumph for our "cheap" seat that lives in the garage and can be used in other cars without me having to take out the Britax (both of these came highly recommended by Baby Bargains and car seat techs we talked to). We were originally going to get the Britax Advocate, but in the long run decided on the slightly cheaper Boulevard. The only difference between the Boulevard and the Advocate is the extra side-impact protection that the Advocate has (the white part on the outside, if you're looking at the picture). If I had a smaller car and the carseat was behind the passenger or driver's side seat, I'd definitely go with the extra protection. However, she's in the middle seat and we have a big SUV, so I didn't think it was as necessary.  I love both the Britax and the Evenflo. She actually seems more comfortable in the Evenflo, because it seems wider, but at the same time it doesn't seem as safe or constrained (which is silly, because they all have to pass the same safety tests, so she's just as safe there). I *hate* the way the Evenflo tightens and releases the straps, however, and much prefer the Britax. For occasional use, the Evenflo is just fine, though. 

(Almost) 12 month update: Still loving the Britax!
2 year update: Still absolutely love.


These are things we have that I expect to love and use, but haven't actually done so yet. 

1. Leapfrog My Pal Scout
We got this around Christmas. She's momentarily entertained by it, but mostly ignores it. However, everyone and their mother insists it's the best toy ever, so we'll see if she starts to like it in the future. 
8 month update: She's still lukewarm on Scout, though she thinks his fake hiccups are hilarious.
9 month update: Still lukewarm. She has her moments with him, but mostly ignores it.
(Almost) 12 month update: This is packed away for our "rotating in and out" toy schedule. We'll see what she thinks when Scout comes out again.
2 year update: She pulls him out every once in a while, but it's never been a MUST HAVE for her.


  1. Untwisted but where do you buy all her leggings?

  2. I meant unrelated lol, opps! Btw I love your blog! I have a three week old daughter named carys also! I was told about your blog by someone on the bump and I've read like every post today lol. I dress my daughter the same too! The less pink the better :) I would so be interested in buying your too small legwarmers if your up for selling them, I love those things so much and I noticed your daughter rocks some pretty sweet ones! Email me at denean.Morris@gmail.com if your interested! Carys is adorable!

  3. Denean, I wish I had some! Right now we have all one-size ones - I lent our newborn ones to friends. But if you go to mylittlelegs.com you can get them very cheap!

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