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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Positive to Baby

I haven't looked at these for four months. Ready for insanity? I miss that belly. I want to be pregnant again! (No, this isn't a pregnancy announcement...I'm not THAT crazy.)

Some of these have little reminders of what was going on in our lives that week.

1st row, 1st pic - 6 weeks pregnant, first belly pic!
1st row, 4th pic - We got our Pack N Play 50% off at Target! 1st baby purchase!
1st row, 5th pic - The first cloth diaper we purchased. This was around 16 weeks, I think.
2nd row, 3rd pic - Picking paint colors for her room.
3rd row, 1st pic - Painted!
4th row, 1st pic - Curtains up in her closet, and got a stroller!
4th row, 3rd pic - Baby shower invites went out!
4th row, 4th pic - First baby shower gift sent to our house! The line on the wall is masking tape where I taped off the size of the crib.
4th row, 5th pic - The crib is in the room! (But note it is not put together...ahem, Chris.)
5th row, 1st pic - Friend baby shower, around 34 weeks
5th row, 2nd pic - Family baby shower, around 36 weeks
5th row, last pic - BABY!


  1. This is awesome! What a fabulous idea!

  2. Wow! So awesome! What a fun way to remember such a special time.

  3. I love this collage, you are handy with the pictures, I wish I were so artistic.

  4. Very cool series of photos.
    I HAVE to ask this. You seem to be wearing the SAME outfit the whole time! What gives?

  5. Ha! It IS the same. thought it would be the best way to compare!

  6. This is great! What program did you use to create this collage?

    1. I think I used Photoshop, but if you don't have Photoshop, I'd recommend PicMonkey.com for great free collages.