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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

36 week appointment update

For a number of reasons...well, actually just one that's kind of embarrassing and I don't want to share because it makes me look dumb...but I guess I will because isn't that what blogging is all about? Looking like an idiot in a public forum? For one reason, which I will share, I had my Thursday appointment today instead of Thursday.

So this kid is usually crazy active. Like, when you do kick counts you are supposed to count ten movements in an hour and she usually does ten in - no joke - ten seconds. Yesterday morning she wasn't really moving around much like she usually does. She usually wakes me up with her aerobics and I spend half an hour or so watching The Belly Show. But that didn't happen. I was a tiny bit worried but figured I'd just pay closer attention the rest of the day. The rest of the day she didn't move much either...a few here and there, but nothing close to her regular acrobatics. When she was still being quiet this morning, I caved into my worries and called. The instructions I'd been given by the doctor regarding kick counts said to call if her movement decreases by 50% day over day, which they had...by far. I don't know if those instructions take into account the fact that she's usually on speed, though. The nurse had me come in just to check it out. Usually less movement just means the baby is having a quiet day, but it CAN mean something worse, like cord compression or distress. So one of those better-safe-than-sorry deals. Of course, two seconds after I got hooked up to the monitors she started dancing away and literally didn't stop moving the entire time (and hasn't all day). Lesson learned: babies are assholes who like to freak out their parents.

So since I was already there, they went ahead and did everything they would have done Thursday today.  She's estimated at 7lbs 7oz. That's the size of an average regular full term baby! She still has three weeks and a couple days to cook.  They add about a half a pound a week at this point. You do the math. Over nine pounds for sure.  My little overachiever!


  1. Oh how these babies of our will be giving us heart attacks before we even give birth to them. I'm in that in between phase where some days he moves around like CRAZY and other days he doesn't move at all. [INSERT PANIC] I have drank so much OJ and eaten so many tootsie rolls to get him to MOVE CONSTANTLY. I fear my gestational diabetes test coming up.

    Glad she is doing great though!

  2. Matthew did the same thing to me around 35 weeks. Also, at 37 weeks they were estimating him to be 7lb 10oz and he was born 7lb 5oz (granted, he was born at 38.5 weeks).

    Did you guys decide for sure on her name yet?