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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emmeline's Third Birthday : Candyland

Emmeline's birthday is harder than it should be. It's December 12, so I have three choices as to what to do with Christmas: 1. Wait to decorate for Christmas until after her birthday; 2. Ignore it and pretend it isn't there and decorate around it; or 3. Try to incorporate it somehow. I guess I could add number 4: have her birthday somewhere other than our home, and I actually am possibly thinking about that for her fourth birthday (OMG FOUR NO FREAKING WAYYYYYY). But for her last three birthdays, I've tried to incorporate it a bit and also just complete ignore it. 

The one thing you have to know about Emmeline is that she is a sweets FIEND. She will sneak a piece of candy like a friggin' pro. She'd eat candy literally all day every day if I let her. She can have a cupcake, and then ask for "dessert" two seconds later. Hopefully she grows out of this at some point. O_o 

So Candyland was an obvious theme. We have the board game and the girls like it, but the theme was MOSTLY chosen due to her candy obsession. 

Almost everything was purchased from Amazon or Oriental Trading Company. I used a lot of the pieces from our games, too. And lots and lots of cellophane wrapping and balloons.

Chris 3-D printed these classic game pieces at his work and I painted them. They're basically my favorite.

Floor decals were really cute (and reusable!). I wrapped a ton of balloons in cellophane to make wrapped "candies."

Lanterns wrapped in cellophane to make wrapped "candy." Things wrapped in cellophane were about 90% of the decor.


How long did I spend hot-gluing gumballs and gummy bears to this E and 3? TOO LONG.

Super simple cake made to look KIND OF like a Candyland game board. I had big plans for this, but....um....yeah. Somehow I ran out of time. I can't imagine how. It's not like I EVER wait til the last minute for anything. 

LOL why did I put that lone "3" there? It looks awful. Literally I should Photoshop it out and pretend it never happend.

The candy necklaces were a big hit!

Carys picked out a Moana costume for herself Emmeline.

At the end of the party, the kids went absolutely bananas with the balloons. So next year's party will probably be "room full of balloons" themed and BOOM done.


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