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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Built-Ins Decision Time

....with shitty Photoshop mock-ups!

Okay, so I'm trying to decide what to do with the built-ins in the sitting room (the infernal sitting room). Three options:

1. The entire back of the wall white
2. The entire back of the wall Sea Salt (the same color as the dining room)
3. Just the middle section Sea Salt

I mocked up some VERY terrible, 2-minute-each (but spending more time on it wouldn't have made it any better since this is not my skill set, haha) representations of what each option might look like - one with the bare walls, the other as it might look after adding furniture and pictures to the shelves (since I want to turn it into a gallery wall of sorts).

Sea Salt is REALLY FREAKING HARD to get a good picture of, people. I cannot get it right. I might need to pull out my nice camera and give it a shot, but it just reads so different in pictures than it does online.

The walls will be Smoke Embers, the same as the rest of the house.

(Also, this post is going to vary wildly based on your specific monitor - the colors/saturation/brightness are completely different between my computer and Chris's, so if they don't look much different to you, that's probably why.)

Since these are terrible Photoshops, here's the original image as well - your mind might do a better job with these renderings than I did, ha! In these pics the back of the shelving units are white. The middle section has a couple test swatches of Sea Salt - it looks SO blue/mint in these compared to the dining room (both in pics and in real life). I think the light from the big windows is making it appear so much more saturated than the dining room, maybe? You can see the dining room through the doorway on the left.

Bonus pic thanks to Carys's amazing faces.


(My apologies to Carys's face in all of these)



I really want to do something with Sea Salt because I feel like it really would complete the circle of the house colors - the kitchen is tied to the dining room with the blue/green/gray colors, the dining room would be tied to the sitting room with the Sea Salt accent, and the sitting room would be tied to the rest of the rooms with the Smoke Ember walls.

But....I'm kind of digging the all-white?????? Am I??? I think??? TELL ME WHAT I AM THINKING, INTERNET!

What say you??


  1. Of the options you've provided, I like the all white option best. HOWEVER, I would like to float the idea of smoke embers in the middle as an option as well. I understand your theory for tying in Sea Salt, but I think it's worth considering. Or at least, I'd like to see a mock up.

  2. Hi, I've never commented before but since you're looking for opinions, I decided to share my thoughts. Out of the options listed above I like the all sea salt the best, because I love the sea salt behind the bookshelves. But perhaps sea salt behind the book shelves and either white or smoke embers in the middle? Maybe we could see a mock up of those options??

  3. Hi there - well, I am not going to help here since I really like Sea Salt in all 3 areas :(: Wonk wonk...... ).

    I like that color so much based on your assessments, I may actually end up using it in my kitchen (currently undergoing reno!).

    WHATEVER YOU DO....it will look great!

  4. I was an interior designer before becoming a Stay at home mommy. I used sea salt in several of our model homes and loved it so much its in my home and oyster bay a shade darker. I LOVE the idea of tying the colors together and using the Sea Salt behind the built ins. (Plz dont do the sea salt and the other color I think it will get too busy!) I would suggest all white or all sea salt. Or just middle sea salt. But if it was my house I would do all three bays sea salt

  5. My phone was messing up and cut me off...I love watching your renovation!! Keep it up!

  6. I love watching you redo this home, since I do not have the vision or time to do these sorts of things myself. I like the look of the sea salt behind all three. The contrast makes them pop, and gives it a really classy touch. I can't wait to see it all finished!