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Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway : Fancy Schmancy

Welcome to the first giveaway in celebration of Carys's birthday! I connected with some of our favorite companies - many are already listed on the "Must Have Gear Lists" and some will be listed in the upcoming toddler gear guide - and was so thrilled and humbled with the positive responses! I also provided a couple things to round it out as well. (I want to assure you this isn't about to become a giveaway/review blog - this is just for a special occasion! Because three is such a milestone birthday, right? Okay, fine, it's not, but I still promise it won't be all giveaways and reviews all the time.)

To start, we have our "Fancy Schmancy" prize pack. This prize pack includes:

- A Forget Me Not dress in the color of your choice from cuteheads
- A headband of your choice from Little Town Boutique
- A purple flower headband from SnuggleBugs Bowtique
- A set of bitty bow headbands in your choice of colors from Dear Grace and Parker

a Rafflecopter giveaway
[Note: You can enter all of the giveaways, but only win one of them. If you win multiple giveaways, I will contact you to see which is your preferred prize and draw a second name for the other(s).]

I wanted to give a little bit of information about each company, too, and why we love them.

cuteheads: I met the founder, Esther, after we both had babies due in December 2013. She is wonderful and talented woman with an equally adorable baby. These clothes are so, so soft, and have a great stretchy quality to them that makes them (I assume) really comfortable (I assume, only because they aren't quite stretchy enough to fit on my post-two-kids body. Surely they would have fit before, right? RIGHT?). They're incredibly high quality and the colors and graphics are great - kid friendly and appropriate, yet not baby-ish. And, gasp, not every single thing is pink! HOW NOVEL, clothing for girls that isn't only available in pink! Carys loves her dress and t-shirt (and NEEDS the Layer Cake Skirt!), and I love the headband that we have for Emmeline.

Little Town Boutique: We have several headbands from Jordan, including the red and blue ones that the girls wore at Christmas (and again on this Fourth of July!). They're cute, well-made, and she offers a huge variety of styles, from knots to flowers to bows. And I shouldn't have looked because now I want like ten more from her shop. These tiny flowers! I die.

SnuggleBugs Bowtique: This was the very first shop I started buying headbands from, and we have dozens....and I mean that literally....of headbands from this shop. Like, I think she knows me by name. We've worn these headbands all over the place, but you can specifically check them out from Carys's first and second birthdays [second birthday on the invitation]. I absolutely adore the Bitty Blooms, especially for newborns.

Dear Grace and Parker: Another shop I know by way of kids with the same birthday - Katrina has a daughter born in July 2011 also. She's a totally sweet, fun mom and her headbands (and bow ties for you moms with boys!) are fun and whimsical too. We have a bunch of headbands and clips from her and they're all wonderful. You can see one of our (many) purchases in Emmeline's newborn pictures.

All prizes in this giveaway were donated by the company.

Click on the image below to be taken to the roundup of all the Birthday Extravaganza Giveaways!


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  2. This giveaway is exciting because it's in honor of Carys turning three! Happy birthday!

  3. What cute cute accessories for a little girl!

  4. Thesea are Soooo adorable, would love to win for my girl.

  5. These are all adorable! My girls would love the hair accessories!

  6. I love love the bows! I would love to win this for my best friend who just had a baby girl!

  7. I have 3 girls, all under 5! These outfits and hair accessories are absolutely adorable!