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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Squish : 22 Weeks

So. 22 weeks. Not much to report. Just counting down the days until 24 weeks.

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I think I mentioned before that the kid wasn't cooperating at 16 weeks to get a 100% sex confirmation, and they followed suit at the 20 week anatomy scan, so we are pretty sure we know what it is but can't confirm for sure. We're debating about just keeping it a secret from everyone until he or she is born....but I don't know if I am patient enough for that. At the very least, I'd like to do something fun-ish for our immediate family to tell them.  Everything else at the anatomy scan looked good - despite the doctor saying not to expect much from  the cysts in way in positive change at the 20 week appointment, they seemed MUCH smaller, so yay for that (note to self: trust doctor if he says something is no big deal).

Kid is kicking away, giving me heartburn every night, and just generally being pretty easygoing. Please, please, please keep it up, Squish. It'd be great if you could just keep in mind that your big sister is two and will be two and a half when you arrive and that two is.....well, two is two. She's a pure delight most of the time, but she's so very....TWO at other times.  So anything you can do once you get here to make my life easier will be repaid in the form of ponies and gold doubloons when you're old enough to appreciate them.

22 week fall-on-top-and-summer-on-bottom outfit.

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