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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Squish : 20 Weeks : Halfway!

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Look at that - two lines down, two to go!  The next four weeks are crucial; after 24 weeks, should anything happen that makes Squish arrive early, chances are good that he or she would survive. Of course, Carys was born on the date of her scheduled c-section, so I have no reason to believe that with the cerclage this kiddo will do anything different. BIONIC CERVIX FTW. (knock on all the wood)

Other than that, all is going well over here in Occupied Uterus territory.  A bit of heartburn here, a bit of...well, nothing else, really. It's all Easy Pregnancy 101 up in here.  In YES LOVE news, Squish has been moving and kicking and hitting me (preparation for being two years old apparently, according to Carys). In DIE IN A FIRE news, I'm battling a horrific head cold that, in addition to rendering it impossible to breath, has settled in my eyes, which makes me look like I'm in a perpetual state of sobbing.  Because we're a family who loves each other and shares everything, Carys got it from me. Or I got it from her. Either way, we both are miserable. And Chris is REALLY loving the hacking coughing that keeps me up all night. And that night when Carys was at her worst and woke up sobbing and unable to breathe while laying down and just wanted to be held upright for three straight hours in the middle of the night and screamed bloody murder every time I tried to lay her down? That was TONS of fun. Neither of us are on edge from lack of sleep at all! It's been joyous! At least he gets wine to soften said edge. Hmphf.

But the pregnancy...that part's been easy peasy so far.

It still seems pretty surreal that I'm pregnant with our second child when I still find myself amazed that I have a first one. I will be walking down the hall from dropping Carys off at preschool and looking around for the Parenting Police who are no doubt coming to arrest me at any moment for playing mom to this kid that I surely stole from somewhere. I consistently feel like I'm one of the youngest moms there, when in reality I'm probably solidly in the middle, if not on the older end of things. But somehow in my mind I feel like a baby having a baby. Aren't I BARELY out of the teen mom statistics? Like I actually feel sometimes that people must be judging me for having a kid and being pregnant at such a very young age.  HOW AM I ALMOST 33??? Someone please hold me.

20 weeks in an outfit that, from the side, makes the bump look a bit bigger than it is, and also makes me look kind of squat, which is a feat since I'm 5'10". Maybe I'll throw some wedges on next time to balance the Bermuda SHORT effect. HA. Since it makes me look short? Bermuda SHORTS? GET IT?????


  1. So exciting that you are halfway Lara! When is your 20-week ultrasound?

  2. You're going to make us wait on the sex of the baby news while you put together some fantastic gender reveal thing, aren't you? :) Sigh.

  3. Haha! We haven't really decided yet...part of me is thinking it might be fun to just not tell anyone until the kid arrives, but part of me wants to do something fun too.