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Friday, January 27, 2012

You are getting sleepy...

Hey, Carys. This time let's try STAYING asleep instead of waking up in 20 minutes. Deal? I'll give you a pony*!

*Note: since you don't know what a pony is, I reserve the right to substitute "pony" with any of the following: Boob. Banana. Piece of paper. Baby Num-Num. Sophie the Giraffe.


  1. Nope. Aunt Sarah is going to make Mom stick to her word. Pony! ;)

  2. Don't worry about the Medela Calma nipple. Around mid November Kaia decided one day she was no longer interested in using them anymore after we bought 4 of them ($80 later!!!). So much for that.

  3. Yeah, what's up with this waking up every five minutes? it's a new thing and it drives me bonkers.

  4. Oh, I hear on this one...we are so in the same boat. :) She is such a cutie pie.