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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letters to Carrots : Month Five

 November 7 to December 7, 2011
Dear Carys,

You turned five months old last week. How that is even possible, I have no idea. Apparently there is this phenomenon called time, and time marches on whether I'm ready for it or not. I am not.

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While I hate seeing you get bigger and bigger (where's my tiny baby??!?), every day you become more and more your own person, and watching that is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced. You love being nursed to sleep. You love talking up a storm while getting your diaper changed. You love mornings - but thankfully not crazy early mornings! Most days you wake up between 8 and 9, with a few 9:30s thrown in for good measure. You have no middle ground when it comes to tiredness - you're either wide awake, or meltdown tired. You've never "just" fallen asleep while playing - there is far too much going on in the world for you to take the chance of missing anything. But despite that, you're a good sleeper. We started letting you fuss for a few minutes before going in during the night, and found to our surprise that you will put yourself back to sleep within minutes most times. You roll both ways, but not as a means to move around quite yet.  You learned to tripod sit (balancing on your hands) just before you hit five months old, and just after you decided that tripod sitting was for babies and full on sit by yourself now.  Your language skills have just exploded, and you add new sounds every day. You also truly found your voice and now use it to screamtalk, shriek, and, woe is me, whine.

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You hung out with your new best friend Leah a couple times and had great fun....great fun being that wow! You noticed her! Another mini person!  The differences in you two now are huge, and it's crazy to think that in a year when, say, you're fifteen months and she's twelve months the differences will be miniscule, and in two years they'll be virtually gone.

At your four month checkup - which actually took place just a couple days before you turned five months thanks to two reschedules - you were 16 lbs, 6.5 oz and 26 1/4 inches long, with a 17-inch head circumference. That puts you at around 85th percentile for height and weight, and 95th-ish for head. I like to tell myself this just means you're smart.

You now have enough hair to experience bedhead, which made me fall over and die from the cuteness.

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We went swinging again, and while this picture looks like you just downed a cherry popsicle, in fact it's a rash from all. the. damn. drool. You have essentially become a drool factory. If we could power energy with drool, I think you alone could power Times Square.

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Your giggles melt my heart into a giant puddle.

You've also decided that pacifiers are not for sucking. In fact, you'd rather they didn't exist, but if you are given on, you'll chew on the edges of it like a teething toy. I don't think I need to say how much easier life would be at this point if you would take one, particularly during car rides where you're tired and want to go to sleep but refuse because DEAR LORD HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THIS STUFF OUT THE WINDOW I HAD NO IDEA TREES EXISTED.

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We continued to take walks, and since the weather got a little chillier I put you in a snowsuit to keep you warm. Hilarity ensued.

At the same time, we also tried out your "big girl" stroller without the infant seat. Big stroller + big snowsuit = adorable. I think that's a complicated equation taught at Harvard, but you figured it out.

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I continue to love you forever and always in a way that literally hurts my heart sometimes.


P. S. Don't tell anyone about that beer.

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  1. I love the video - little wiggle buns :) And I have a tip for the drool rash. When Brecken gets it, I put that nipple cream on it - I had a whole tube and didn't need all of it for BF. It's a great water barrier, and the kind I have was fine to leave on when nursing, so I figure it's got to be fine on his face. It helps clear up the red bumps FAST. I love the bed head pic too! Adorable.