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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Belly: Week 32

What's new in belly-land?  Other than huge-ness, not a whole lot. She continues to grow and grow and grow and she would definitely be a 10 pounder if I made it to my due date. As it is, since she's coming a little less than a week early (or earlier if I go into labor before that) she's going to be at least 9lbs, I think.  We should have a growth estimate at our appointment on Thursday and I'm betting she'll have surpassed Chris's birth weight of 4lbs 12oz.  I'm giving birth to an Amazon warrior woman, which is great because I love the rainforest.  Monkeys are cute! Plus she'll be able to kick the ass of anyone that ever does her wrong (after attempting to work it out with words and love first, of course).

Still no stretch marks (YET), and if you want to know how I've managed that with a child this large, I can tell you my routine, but I can also tell you that I know it's 100% genetics and for that I thank my mom's lucky stars. I rub The Belly down every morning and every night with whatever I have on hand...sometimes a thick lotion cream, sometimes Bio-Oil, sometimes mayonnaise (I've heard it's great for preventing stretch marks!) (Just kidding, I don't really use condiments on myself). I try to really rub it in well and work the skin a bit.  I keep some cream in my purse, and if I feel it getting tight during the day (as it tends to after I eat) I'll do another rubdown.  I also do a vigorous sugar body scrub in the shower every day.  But know this: I still think they're coming.  My c-section is in seven weeks and we're running out of room for her now...much less after she doubles her weight, which she should by July.  They're going to show up, it's just a matter of time.  However, if you're jealous that I have no stretch marks YET, don't be. I have more than enough cellulite to make up for it! Cottage cheese for everyone!

Nursery progress, you ask? You didn't ask? That's okay, I'll tell you anyway. The room is still painted! The room has new carpet!  YES I REALIZE THAT IS NOT PROGRESS FROM LAST TIME. No, nothing has changed.  And we're so busy the rest of this month I have no idea when we'll be able to do anything.  But really all a baby needs is a drawer to sleep in and a boob to suck on and something to catch poop, so I'm trying not to stress about it too much. It usually works.

Oh! Wait! That's a lie. We did have progress! We have a ceiling fan now! My uncle came over and installed it for us. So that's something.  YAY SOMETHING! Oh! And my less-than-a-hundred-bucks Craiglist glider and ottoman find.  Which I was convinced was a necessity, but now that it's in the room I'm not so sure. Those things take up a LOT of space. Baby girl has a SMALL room. I think my office at work is larger. And I do not have a big office.  Between the crib (which is not assembled yet, but I marked off the walls and floor in masking tape to see where it would go) and the glider, there's approximately 6.4 square inches of remaining floor space. I'm quickly realizing that my dream nursery isn't possible without a much larger room. And hardwood floors. And crown molding.  And a chair rail.  And a new house.

Pictures of the thing formerly known as my stomach:

Week 31:


Week 32 (funny how much smaller it looks with a flowy shirt instead of a fitted one):

And one more with a funny story attached. Yesterday I was getting food at a fast food place and stepped up to the counter and got hit on by the (blind, obviously) counter boy.  Apparently I didn't look pregnant from the front that particular day (as you can see from the above pics I definitely do, usually), because when I turned his eyes about popped out of his head and he fell over himself apologizing. So I took a picture as soon as I got back to work to document the miracle that the right shirt and a droopy cardigan can work on disguising a 32 week pregnant belly:

I know how narcissistic it seems to post all these pics of myself, but to be perfectly honest with you: this is the first time I've ever loved my body that I can remember. I love being pregnant, and I love how I look. I love the belly. I love the boobs. I love that they finally balance out my big fat thighs and that I don't have to worry about the belly pooch that is the bane of my existence. So while I understand how self-centered it might seem to keep taking these, know that I'm making up for 30 years of body hate.

Up next: Keep gestating! Do something with nursery! Learn to breastfeed at class tonight! Check baby's progress at appointment tomorrow! Baby shower next weekend! Whooo exciting!


  1. I want to visit you just so I can rub that adorable belly. Oh and Lucas still sleeps in our room. So the cute room that is all set up for him...he gets diaper changes and a boob in there.

  2. Aw- I'm a new follower and I cant wait to see that precious baby- congrats- you are a strong woman.

  3. You look fabulous! And I can totally relate to the pregnant body love - I don't think I ever loved my body more than when I was pregnant. My whole life I was looking for shirts that wouldn't hug my belly pooch and all of a sudden I was showing off my huge belly. So bizarre!!
    Can't wait to see it keep growing!
    (Beccs from TB)