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Monday, January 24, 2011

Holy Shit.

To mark 16 weeks today, we went and bought ourselves a pack 'n play.

It's not officially to mark the 16 week milestone; more "Um, wow, that's 50% off and it looks pretty nice and we were planning on having the baby in our room the first few months in a pack 'n play anyway, and all the used ones we've seen online are like $50 anyway, so it's probably a great deal to spend an extra $30 for a brand new one, right??"

My brother works at Target, so he nabbed it for us and is dropping it off tonight. I'll put it together tonight and make sure it is what I think it is (my brother was on the phone trying to explain it to me while I was on the website looking for the online listing, and I THINK we got it right, but who knows??). Then I'll immediately disassemble it and put it back in the box and pretend it's not there and try to forget about baby anything.

Which will be hard, because sometime in the next couple of weeks we're going to be getting a crib.  One of my, like, total BFFs (I can't write BFF without reverting to valley girl, sorry) transitioned her son into his big boy bed, and, since they're a one-and-done family,  they offered it to us. And of course I said hell yes to a free crib.  I'm scouring Craigslist for used dressers or changing tables and gliders to finish the main nursery furniture.  So soon this beauty will be hanging out in the house, and will be much harder to ignore than a boxed-up pack 'n play:

I've also (gulp) started filling in our cloth diaper collection very slowly but surely. That's right, folks: we are going to have a poopy washer and dryer. Not really, but apparently that is the first thought in everyone's mind. People: yes, poop will be going in the washer. But it won't be a lot. Babies who nurse have water-soluble poop, so it literally just dissolves. Once the baby starts solids, you plop the solid poops in the toilet. What you're left with is minimal. And honestly: do you REALLY think the only things that will get poop on them are diapers? Um, no. You will get poop on you. Your clothes will get poop on them. Your baby's clothes will get poop on them. Your baby's bedding and blankets will get poop on them. Your couch will get poop on it. Your dog will get poop on it. Essentially your whole entire house will be covered in baby poop. So the inside of the washer will see poop action, regardless of whether you use disposables or not.  Yay for babies!

This is one of the newborn cloth diapers I got. I can't explain to you how tiny and adorable it is. If I wasn't already pregnant, I swear I would have spontaneously concieved just touching this thing. It's gender neutral, in case anyone was thinking wrongly this was a hint as to the sex of the baby.

Chris is pretty on board with the whole cloth diapering thing, and last night I gave my family a tutorial to get them on board and make sure they understood, since I don't plan on changing any diapers for as long as possible. "Oh, my c-section scar is a little tender right now...would you mind??" is what any visitor to my house will hear for about the first year. Fair warning.

So the house is very slowly filling up with baby things.  And it's pretty downright terrifying. But I feel strangely confident in this baby coming home with us.  At my last appointment my cervix measured nice and long - the cerclage is doing it's job and then some! I still have ultrasound pics from that appointment to share at some point. My next appointment is this Thursday, so you'll probably get a 14 and 16 week peek inside the Casa d'Baby Hanlon in one big picture blowout.

BLOWOUT, GET IT? LIKE POOP? It all comes back to poop.


  1. I'm so proud of you! I love that cloth diaper!

  2. 16 weeks is so exciting! Cloth diapering is too. We have been Cding for almost 5 mths now and LOVE it!

  3. This is so great!!! We are cloth diapering too (or will be in a month or so!).

  4. My SIL did cloth diapers for about a month. Cloth diapers look so adorable. Yay for the free crib and half off pack n' play!

  5. I had that pack 'n play! I never used the changing table on it but we got a bunch of use out of it, its nice.
    I never thought about cloth diapers/poop in that way before but its so true! I washed a ton of poop clothes with my daughter. I also cleaned a bunch of poop out of the bathtub :)

  6. Hi - I hope it's okay... I've given you a stylish blogger award. You don't "know" me, but I'm on the bump and had a loss as well. Please see my blog for details. http://lissasue3.blogspot.com

  7. hahahaha!! I always laugh out loud when I read your posts! I love the cloth diapering thing - my mom was actually MAD at me for deciding not to cloth diaper Olivia (i wanted to but kurt wouldn't jump on board), because she used them for all of her kids. You are totally right about the poop thing though - i never thought of it that way! I'll have to use that next time i get pg to try and convince the husband :).

    Proud of you, by the way.. i can't imagine how scary buying baby things again would be.

  8. I pray for you, Chris and the baby every night. I am confident that this baby will be born healthy when he/she is meant to be. I cannot wait to meet him/her--they will be the luckiest, well 2nd luckiest baby in the world! ;o) Pack and plays are awesome. I had ours in our living room until a few months ago.

  9. Hey Lara!
    Just wanted to say I am still praying for you guys! That PNP is the one we have, and let me tell you, it is wonderful! We never really used the changing table part, but LO has slept in it all night every night since she was born...having the option of it being raised is just perfect for bed height! She is right next to mommy but still in her own bed! I can't wait for you to put your little ball of adorableness in there :)
    Blessings to you and Chris!
    Haley Norman (Haley*Quade from TB)

  10. You're straight up crazy! Your posts crack me up..

    Okay, back to lurkdom.. Oh, and congrats!!!