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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby's First Vacation

Baby and I just got back from a trip to Australia, where we cuddled kangaroos (really), petted a koala (really), and ate crocodile (not really, but it was on the menu).

It was a great trip, full of good food and hot guys with Aussie accents, and tons of little school kids in super cute school uniforms. Seriously, the little girls looked like Madeline. And their uniforms came complete with sunhats and Peter Pan collars. I'm going to convince Chris to move to Sydney so that our kid will grow up with the accent. The hot guys with the accent (calling everyone "darling") were, well, hot, but the little kids were just adorable. Plus, it's warmer there. And there are palm trees. And cockatoos just flying around all wild. I mean, obviously cockatoos come from SOMEWHERE, but I just always assumed it was a pet store.

Sideways koala proof!

And thus ends my Australia trip pictures - because my laptop fried and I lost almost all of the pictures from the trip. SOB. I have a few more that I was able to recover that I'll post someday...maybe....but for now, you just get to see sideways me with a koala. 

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