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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Planning for, like, EVERYTHING

Guys, I'm fricking stressing and I need to take a deep breath and a deep swig of booze and just chill the eff out.

We're going to Disney World next month. The week before we leave is Carys's birthday party.

Now, I LOVE planning a birthday party. I might definitely go a little crazy (proof), but my god, I love it. Trust me, I wouldn't go through that shit if I didn't love it. I see absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating at a pizza place with family and no decorations. Those are some of my favorite parties to attend. But...dude, I live for it. Birthday party planning is in the back of my head basically all year long and I'm always thinking of themes (although now both of my kids are old enough to request their own themes, so most of them just are totally wasted.). I want to have another kid just so I have a third party to plan and I'm really only like 17% joking about that. So planning for Carys's birthday has been fun for me and while I COULD have given it up to focus on our other big summer event...I didn't want to.

I usually also love planning trips. I love spreadsheets and guidebooks and collecting hundreds of hints and tips and making schedules and confirmation numbers and packing lists. But this trip? This Disney trip? It's stressing me the fuck out. Like whoa. It's basically something I'm thinking about every second of ever day. I have NEVER been to Disney World so I have NO IDEA WHAT TO EXPECT. Honestly, before we found out we were going, I didn't even really know what Disney WAS. A place with a bunch of rides??  A place with shows? I know there are characters but, like, just thought they were walking around everywhere. I had no idea there were four parks, guys. I knew about the Epcot geodesic dome building but (feel free to laugh) I just thought it was a building at Disney World. Like down the sidewalk from the castle or something. And I thought that Epcot was just what was in the dome. I literally thought that Epcot was housed entirely in the dome. YES. I seriously thought that. I DON'T KNOW.

I earned the trip for myself through Usborne so I started doing some research as soon as I heard about it. I got a couple guide books and found ten bazillion websites to read and joined like forty Facebook groups and solicited advice from friends and immersed myself in all things Disney.

And now I have a schedule, and FastPass reservations, and restaurant reservations, and touring plans, and pages of tips and hints, and notes about where to go in each park if it's raining, and notes about where to go if it's too hot, and lists of the best restaurants and the worst restaurants, and custom maps, and I've basically memorized the layout of all of the parks.

Yet, as prepared as I feel I am and as much research as I've done...I still am MASSIVELY stressing about it. I'm worried that everyone is going to be miserable in the heat and crowds (specifically, my heat- and crowd-averse husband). I'm worried we're going to miss something amazing. I'm worried that our feet will hurt. I'm worried it's going to not just rain, but STORM every day and everything will be closed the whole week. I'm worried that we're trying to squeeze too much in. I'm worried that we're not squeezing ENOUGH in. I'm worried that we're spending way too much money. I'm worried that I'm going to forget a poncho and have to pay $40 for one at the parks. I'm worried about losing a kid in the crowds. I'm worried about one or both kids being scared of the characters until the very last day and then being upset that they missed all the characters and wanting to go back to meet them, but we can't. I'm worried about one or both kid flipping out on the top of a ride and causing the entire ride to shut down in order to let us get a screaming child off the ride.

I just cannot shake the feeling that I'm missing something important or that if I just do one more minute of research, I'll find that hint that I've never seen before that will make all the difference in the trip.

I mean, I planned a 12-day, multi-country, plane/train/car/bus trip through Europe. Why is a trip to Florida my downfall?!?!


  1. It is good step to make plans for the things and plan ahead of the work. It will sort out the things and make it easy for the future and manage time for the other things also. Good luck for the days ahead.

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