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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby Squish : 26 Weeks

I really have no updates, yet I feel compelled to post. Why is this? Some sort of blogger compulsion? Do I need help? (Yes. But perhaps not for that. Want to name my baby? Or paint the room?)

Gosh, in both of these pics my booty looks so sad and low and droopy. Carys, I'm taking the funds for restorative plastic surgery out of your college fund.

Truly, though, everything has been going extraordinarily well (knock on wood). My symptoms continue to be mild heartburn occasionally, a runny nose (that's really a pregnancy symptom!), and a giant growing belly. And a belly button that appears to be a third eye in some outfits.  If it wasn't for the movement and the fat, I wouldn't feel pregnant in the slightest. LUCKY. ASS. MO. FO. Trust me, I realize it. This is also why I'm a dangerous pregnant person - I love it (well, post-cerclage pregnancy anyway). It's easy to love when it's such a breeze. Hence Chris being in danger of me trying to talk him into a whole baseball team worth of kids.

 Since 20 weeks I've had bi-weekly check ups to check cervical length and see how the cerclage is holding up, and the answer has been the same the last six weeks - beautifully.  I think I mentioned in my last post that the cysts are gone. Baby is measuring right on track, with an estimated weight today of 2lbs 2oz, which is 52nd percentile. Maybe she won't be a second nine pounder?

This week I hit the "less than 100 days" milestone. Next week is third trimester.  Then  before I know it it's going to be the end of October and the start of the fall/winter holidays and I'm pretty sure that time will be over before I can even blink, and I hope to god I can get everything done that's needed. Like, you know, figure out a name.


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