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Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby Squish : 24 Weeks : Viability!

Yay! We've reached the magic reassuring date of 24 weeks (not magic, because it's really the very bare edge of viability and many 24 weekers still don't make it - but it's a chance!).

23 weeks

24 weeks

Everything is going well here. Kid is a-movin' and a-shakin' and I'm growing...a lot...so much. So very much.  The cysts in the brain appear to have pretty much resolved, as expected, but it's still a huge relief to know that the doctor was right (who woulda thought, right?).  Squish weighs about 1.5 lbs and is, of course, completely adorable.

Profile with arm over the head

A few people have asked about names (a few? It's like every question, after "Do you know what it is?"). I'm going to ignore the sex questions since we still haven't told our family and aren't sure if we're going to do so or if we're going keep it a surprise (just for something different).  Yes, everyone hates us right now.

So let's talk names instead.  I'm pretty sure at this point I had our list narrowed down to just a few for Carys, and this time....I am having absolutely NO luck. I have about two dozen on our list and for every single one I think the same thing: "It's okay. I like it. I can't really see it on OUR baby, but I like it." I swear I've looked at every name in the history of names and have well over a 100 on my 'considered but rejected' list and just nothing is jumping out at me. I don't do well under pressure, so I'm terrified that nothing will jump out at me in the next three and a half months and we'll go into the delivery room with the same 24 names and.....let's just say I panic at a restaurant when the waiter asks what I want if I'm not ready.  I was 99% sure Carys was going to be Carys at the point of delivery, but still was considering Eliana up until the very end and didn't officially sign off on it until day three. If I have two dozen to choose from????? It's not going to happen. I momentarily will fall in love with a name, but by the next day am completely disillusioned by it.  It doesn't help that my friends keep having babies with really fantastic names like Stella Elise, Lola June, and Miriam Joy.  I realize that I still have like 100 days left to come up with something, so there's plenty of time. Right? Only like three million possibilities to go through.

So right now, that's probably stressing me out the most.  Never mind that the baby's room is still not even started and is still completely full of unused furniture and Chris's leftover computer things and has a textured paint effect on it that two coats of primer didn't come close to covering and will have to be scraped or sanded off......okay, well, that's stressing me out a little bit. But not nearly as much as the whole name thing.  Feel free to share your favorite unused name!


  1. Ooooh! I LOVE helping with names. E-mail your list and I can help and since I don't know you in real life I can't spoil your surprise!

  2. Gael (guy-el) is my favorite boy name, Calla is my favorite unused girl name. Best of luck finding a name you love (and the kid won't grow up to hate). :)

  3. Okay, without revealing gender, is there a preferred color for baby booties? :-)
    Ex: Tiffany Blue is gender neutral; navy can be gender neutral; red/white/blue, green, taupe (very fashionable right now for both men and women!), yellow, Nebraska red, Texas burnt orange, etc. There are lots of choices that won't give it away but will help me get started on the booties! Please!?! Love ya!