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Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Squish : Going Public, Part 1

We were originally going to wait until Father's Day to tell everyone after the NT scan, but the bloat/belly (yes, I think some of it is real baby belly now!) is multiplying rapidly and it's at that awkward point where it just looks like I put on a lot of weight...and apparently I'd rather tell people earlier than expected than have people think I'm getting fat. Which is pretty fucked up, SOCIETY. Look what you've done to me! (Plus, after 12 weeks, I'd likely need surgery if I lost the baby because of the cerclage, so it'd be a pretty big deal and family would know about it quickly.)

We started the announcements over Memorial Day weekend.  My aunt was having a get together with all of the family, so I dressed Carys in a tee-shirt that read "Only Child: Expiring December 2013" and let her loose.

Well, actually, I first gave her to my dad to take her jacket off, thinking he'd read or notice the shirt at that point, but no. He didn't even look at it!

I should break here to mention that Chris thought the shirt idea was terrible and that no one would read it, so he was LOVING the fact that my dad missed it and smirking to me. He was so confident in that fact that he bet me ten bucks that I'd have to tell people to read her shirt before they caught on. He's clearly an unsupportive jerk....and it was looking like he was going to be RIGHT. UGH. I hate being wrong. I had Carys standing on a chair, displaying the shirt, holding her arms out, pointing her in the direction of various relatives....and FINALLY my uncle read it! YES VICTORY IS MINE SUCK IT CHRIS. Except he just raised an eyebrow at me and silently mouthed, "Really?" so it's hard to say whether that counted towards the bet or not.  Thankfully, a few minutes later my aunt read it out loud, screamed, and then it was all over and everyone knew. Except for my sister, who missed the second announcement in a row - she was out of town the Christmas when we told everyone about Carys, and she was out of town this time too. Whoops!!! Jenna, I didn't realize it'd be twice in a row! I'm a terrible sister. We texted her a picture of the shirt to fill her in on the news, which is a lame substitution, I know.

(I can't help it - a few gratuitous Memorial Day pictures...)

Her hair was CUH-RAY-ZEEEEEE that day - heat plus humidity equals messy curls for this girl. I hope her hair stays that way. Even though her dad and I both have straight hair, my grandfather apparently had curly hair (back in the olden days when he had hair, he claims) so it's possible, right?

...now returning from cute toddler derail to our previously schedule programming....

Later that weekend we went to a friend's Memorial Day party, and while I didn't make any big announcements, I did tell people as the timing was right (normal conversation:  Them: "Lara! Take this shot!!" Me: "No, thanks!" Them: "OMG ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?"). Apparently I drink a lot usually?  (That's not actually true since I got pregnant the first time...but before Caleb, it would have definitely been true.)

I also stopped by my paternal grandma's, with Carys wearing the shirt, and she noticed immediately and was thrilled. I have a cousin on that side due a couple weeks after me who announced the day she peed on the stick (literally with a picture of the fresh test on Facebook - ah, the Facebook generation!!), so since my grandma has known about her for a while this came as a big surprise.

Telling my mother-in-law is up next - and she's ALWAYS fun to surprise, so we'll see how that goes. I'm just hoping to actually SURPRISE her since I know she's been waiting for this for a year!

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