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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Conversations with Chris, Part I

Actual conversation I just had with my husband, after I removed the water from her water table and filled it with beans for a different sensory experience: 

Chris: "Ugh, those beans in her water table suck. They're everywhere."
Me: "What do you mean? She knows to keep them on the mat and in the table. It only takes a couple seconds to sweep."
Chris: "No, they're all over the couch, all over the bookshelf, just everywhere. Between her and my mom I don't know if there are any left in the table."
Me: "They stay in the table....why would you let her take them out?"
Chris: "You didn't tell me that!"
Me: "............."
Me: "............."
Me: "............."
Me: "You really need to be TOLD not to let her throw them everywhere?!?!?!?!"

How did zero of two adults present realize that was not a good idea?  


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