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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Belly: Week 30 and Insanity

The past couple weeks have been absolutely insane.  Chris was having terrible headaches and lightheadedness, so we had many trips to urgent care and the ER and doctor's offices that ultimately culminated in....getting his wisdom teeth out. All four! Ouch!  I've been leading a training class at work for three weeks - all day, every day - which has seriously cut out on my slacking time. Not that I EVER do anything other than work-related things at work.  I would NEVER.  We are getting new carpet installed today*, so we've been having to get the house ready for that - emptying the basement (which was pretty much all storage) and the nursery/brother's room, finding somewhere to PUT all the shit that was in those rooms, pulling up the carpet and carpet pad...and on top of all that, I had to do a lot of it myself because Chris left for Atlanta for a week on Sunday.  Less than a week after dental surgery. Oy vey.  On the plus side, once the carpet is down, I can actually start on the nursery!  So far it's been painted. And that's it.

*Supposedly; they were supposed to arrive between 8 and 10 and it's now 10:17 and they aren't here yet.

*They called Chris at 10:50 and said it'd be 20 minutes. Shocker: it's 11:15 and they aren't here.

*They just called and said they were on their way but were going to stop and pick up some supplies and get lunch. ROLLING EYES SO HARD. This is totally messing up my half day off. I'm going to be late to work. Frustrating.

A few pics of the belly, week 30.

Whoops-looks-like-I'm-cupping-the-vagina edition:

Favorite-outfit-of-the-week edition:

Same-outfit-26-weeks-versus-30-weeks-comparison edition (with bonus stupid face in the 30 week pic!):


Alien-in-the-belly edition (you will probably want to turn off the sound to avoid the obnoxious pregnancy reality TV show in the background):

So there you have it.  In terms of how I'm doing, fairly great. I am one of those unbearable women who love being pregnant in general. However, if I were to go down a checklist, there are definitely times of discomfort. Peeing constantly, aching vagina, sore hips, itchy skin, ribs stretching out.  I can't tell if my feet and ankles are swelling or if they're just overall fat like the rest of me.  But oddly enough on an overall basis I forget all that and just love it.  Still no stretch marks.  Still not in the slightest bit confident I'll be one of the lucky ladies to avoid them - I'm sure they're coming. They're just teasing me. Jerks.

It's been a while since we got really great pictures of her from our twice monthly appointments. A few 3D ones where she just looks like a blob of melting wax. A few fuzzy profiles. A creepy skull shot. Hopefully on Thursday at the next one we'll get something worthy of sharing.  (Update: nope. Another creepy skull and a blurry foot. Pity!) She takes after her dad and isn't a fan of getting her picture taken.  Or attention at all really - the second I try to share her kicking or movement, or get a video, she stops. I had to trick her into getting the video above.

Goofy girl is the love of my life.


  1. 1) You look AMAZING
    2) No stretch marks? I hate you
    3) ripped up carpet by yourself at 30 weeks pregnant? You're crazy! :)

  2. I keep trying to get a good video of the belly moving too, it's hard, it's like they just KNOW lol :) Glad you're enjoying it so much, I am too! Greatest thing ever huh! :)

  3. You are looking GREAT Lara! Can't wait for baby girl - I need a baby fix. Glad to hear Chris is doing better but OUCH! Much love to you all!

  4. I can relate, I'm one of those women that love being pregnant too, despite all the discomforts. You look fantastic :)

  5. Amazing!!!! I love the belly video!

  6. Love love love the belly flick! I took one too, but it's no where near as good. And the side-by-side in the same outfit is great too! It's like you don't even look pregnant in the first one...but when you took it, it was like you looked totally pregnant! It's fun to watch your body morph. If you want help with something, holler at me! I can help pull up carpet! xo